Friday, October 21, 2005

Almost 3

Life with an almost 3 year old is never dull. Today I had to get the magic eraser out b/c there were lots of green and red scribbles underneath the bannister going downstairs. That artwork was actually created on Wednesday. This afternoon while Connor was painting upstairs she decided the counters would look nice in purple crayon. The crayons have always lived on top of the fridge where she can't reach them. I think they will be taking a little sabbatical.. And obviously, parental supervision will be required if she is going to use them again any time soon.

Despite her unsatisfactory canvas choices, she really is quite fun to have around. She always makes me smile. The other morning we had been listening to nursery rhyme songs and at lunch along with blessing Daddy at work and the boys at school, she made sure to bless the muffin man. We have had the sickies around our house for almost 2 weeks now and so when Connor was sick the other day, she got the big honkin' candy thermometer out and put it under her arm to check her temperature.

It is crazy to think of what life would be like without her around our house. I love my sweet little, Genna girl!

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AmyG said...

argh! so frustrating. lol