Thursday, February 23, 2006

A Big Hole

I am not just talking about the dug out earth for the basement of the house that will someday be next to ours. I am feeling very sad over the fact that we really wanted to buy this lot for ourselves, to extend our yard. It is completely our fault for not doing anything about it sooner. But 2 1/2 weeks ago when they came and put a realtor's sign in the yard, we did start to get serious about trying to purchase it. We weren't fast enough though, and 2 days before we called about it, it was sold. That was just last week. They dug out the basement yesterday and they are pouring the footings today. It probably is silly, but everytime I hear the hum of the big equipment next door, I ache just a little. I will eventually grow used to the fact that the lot where my children have played ball for the past 2 summers won't ever be ours. It just would have been so perfect. I told Troy that with that extra lot, I would be content to live here for a long, long time. He would love to get out on an acreage someday. Since we have a field behind our house, a lot across the street that is not likely to be built upon, as it is one of our neighbor's 6 lots that he has planted trees on, and our street is currently a dead end just past our one neighbor's house, it sort of feels like the country a little and I love where we are at. So like I said, it would have been just perfect to have that extra lot for more space that we could put a trampoline on or a little shed. But there is no chance of that now. Sorry for all the melodrama, like I said, I know in time, I will be able to let it go. In the meantime, I asked the kids what they thought and their response was sheer excitement. "Mom, there is a huge mound of dirt over there that we can climb on." I am going to try and learn from their example. But it's going to take baby steps for me to be happy about this new situation. It's gonna take me a few weeks before I am ready to scale any mountains of earth that could have been mine. Posted by Picasa


Carin said...

Kristi I totally understand how you feel. Hugs sweetie.

April said...

Aw, your feelings are understandable Kristi. *hugs*