Monday, March 13, 2006


Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into. Wayne Dyer

This past week my sister in law, Tiffany, had an experience that she shared with me and it really was so motivational for me. She said that her 4 year old son went to go outside and the screen door literally blew off it's hinges. I know if it were me, I would have probably been extremely frustrated that this happened. Then add to the equation that her husband was gone for the week and the day to day challenges that come with raising 5 boys. But instead, she totally turned the experience into something positive. She chose to see it as a projection of how her month could turn out- business wise(Mary Kay). She decided that March was going to be the month that she was going to blow the doors off. What a great perspective. Her director took it a bit farther and talked about living a life of abundance.

How often do we look at trying experiences in our life and see the negative? Do we focus on what is lacking from the situation? I am trying to take the challenge to live my life in abundance. I look at my life and see so many incredible blessings. I really want to strive to keep the richness in my life at the center of my thoughts.

As many of you know, I am trying really hard to eat healthy and lose weight in the process. And typically when I have started a "diet", it is really hard because you see all the things you are missing out on. Friday night, we had a ward dinner and instead of being sad that I was not able to eat the yummy looking brownie sundae that they served, I chose to focus on all I was gaining from the situation. I felt good that I didn't need to eat dessert to be satisfied.

I can apply this way of thinking to so many aspects of my life: my material possessions, my relationships, and my insecurities to name a few. I am not saying I have perfected this attitude by any means. I just am trying to tune my attitude more towards recognizing the abundance in all I have.


Heather said...

Good for you KB, on the whole perspective thing! I would have gone with the brownie sundae! ;) hee hee

MarilynH said...

great post---I agree, it is hard to look at the positive (of dieting and missing out on food) but it can be done.
wow--on the blown off door. Hard wind???

Becky said...

Love this - what a great attitude to take.