Sunday, January 14, 2007

9 Years Old

This was my boy, 9 years ago- can you believe it? Time has sure flown. Connor was such a sweet and content little baby. I was very thankful for that, because I struggled with Jameson, who seemed a little more demanding. Of course, I am sure some of it was first time parent inexperience as well. We are so thankful Connor is a part of our family.

We have a had a fun weekend celebrating his birthday. Yesterday we had more ball games and he was the star of the second half. He scored 12 points with a shot that put us ahead at 30 seconds to go. Then the other team went down and made a shot at 7 seconds. Unfortunately, they weren't able to go into overtime because of another team scheduled on the gym after them, but it was still such an exciting game. We trailed behind the other time for a good portion of the game and so we were so proud of Connor and the rest of their team.

Last night we braved the snow and went to Lincoln. Connor chose Valentino's Buffet for his birthday dinner and boy, was it yummy! He wasn't actually feeling the greatest- we are all struggling with colds at some stage. But we still had a great time. I did pretty good eating wise there. I did have to have 2 different kinds of garlic bread- but I skipped dessert all together and just had a few pieces of fresh pineapple.

Today after church and a nap we had bbq chicken, cheesey potatoes, green bean casserole and homemade rolls per his request. We then had a special Connorized FHE. We all wrote little letters to him and then played a game where we asked him questions and we tried to guess his answers. We all had fun doing this. We sang his favorite Primary songs, read his favorite scripture and then after prayer had brownie sundaes. He opened his presents and was super excited to get among other things: roller coaster tycoon, a new Texas ballcap(he had one that he lost), a magnetized dartboard and some baseball cards.

Here are the questions & answers from our game:

Favorite Colors:Pink & Blue
Favorite Foods: Roast Beef & Cowboy Beans
Favorite TV Shows: Suite Life of Zach & Cody & anything on ESPN
Favorite Movie: Rugrats Go to Paris
Favorite Song: I like to Move It
Favorite Team: Texas Longhorns
Favorite Thing to Do: Play basketball
Favorite Game: Madden '06
Favoirte Book: Stink by Megan McDonald & the Magic Tree House books
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Drink: Water
Favorite Teacher: Mrs. Brandt
Favorite Kind of Ice Cream: Playdough(we had this in Michigan this summer)
Favorite Kind of Cake: Angel Food
Favorite Animal: Our dog Sands
Favorite Scripture Story: When Nephi builds a Ship
Favorite Scripture: Moses 1:39
Favorite Primary Song: Book of Mormon Stories
The best thing since sliced bread: the Gamecube
The perfect age: 8
Favorite thing to do with Mom: Scrapbook
Favorite thing to do with Dad: play football
Favorite thing to do with Jameson: play football
Favorite thing to do with Genna: play barbies
When I grow up I either want to play basketball, football or be a gutter man
In 5 years I hope I can play football like my cousin Jonathon
The funnest time I ever had was when we went to South Dakota and saw Mount Rushmore
The scariest thing that ever happened was when someone tried to break into our neighbor's truck
The most embarassing thing that ever happened to me was that my Mom made a scrapbook page of when I was 2 and she found me naked outside on the slide

Life around our house would certainly be much more on the dull side with out our Connor to liven things up. We love you Connor!


An Ordinary Mom said...

He sounds like a great kid!

Kristi said...

Thanks- we like him!!