Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hockey Game & Sleepover

At our house, it is tradition to do a party with friends, games, etc. every other year. On the off year, we let the boys invite a friend out to eat and maybe to a movie or something like that. This year, Connor really wanted to go to some sporting event. It worked out great that the Cornhusker Council was sponsoring a Scout Night at a Lincoln Stars hockey game. For about the same price as dinner & a movie, we were able to take Connor and a few friends to the game.

Before the game, we had a mini pizza bar for dinner. Growing up that was always one of my favorite things to help make homemade pizza. And now my kids like to "decorate" their own, too.

We got to the game and found our seats. Unfortunately due to a mix up, the 7 of us weren't able to sit together. We sat the Connor and his 2 friends in the section with the rest of the scouts from our pack and then went to find our seats. Thankfully, we were really quite close and had a good view of the boys and the game.

My first impression when things got started was not good. The other team (Ohio, I think) skated onto the ice and immediately got booed. Not very cool, in my opinion.
I was however, incredibly impressed with their ability to skate. We went ice skating in December and it is not as easy as I remember it being when I was a kid. The overall atmosphere was loud, but fun. Genna was cheering along with everyone else, she asked me several times who we were cheering for and I told her the Stars, but soon she asked if it was ok, if she just said, Go Rockets(which is our town's mascot). It was quite challenging at times to follow where the puck actually was, you really had to pay attention. And for a while, I thought it was going to be pretty boring as no one seemed to be able to score. But then our team scored twice in a row and from then on it was more exciting to watch. We ended up winning the game, 7-0.

Afterwards, they did an autograph session for all the scouts out on the ice. Both of our boys are really into sports cards right now and so they thought it was very cool to be able to get Stars' cards signed by the actual players.

Troy and I talked about it afterwards and decided despite the fun time we had, we most likely won't be going back to any games soon. The players really do slam each other around a lot and fists were thrown several times. In fact, the game stopped at 20 seconds to go because of a fight. Then after we scored each time, the crowd shouted about something to the effect of "hey, goalie, you s--ck!".

Am I making mountains out of molehills deciding we won't be hockey fans? I hope not, I just really think that right now our boys are learning about good sportsmanship and I am afraid what we saw at the game pretty much detracted from what we are trying to teach them.

After the game, we got home and a few more of Connor's friends who were also at the game, came over to spend the night. It was late(11ish) by this point, but I really wanted to do ice cream and presents, so we didn't have to mess with it in the morning b/c either Troy or I were going to be gone taking Genna to tumbling. I made a jumbo chocolate chip cookie. I found out my pizza stone, is not big enough for the recipe I made. It got a little messy. It was a good thing it wasn't quite as cold out that day, because I had to open up a few windows to help get the charcoal smell out of the house from the cookie that had dripped onto the bottom of the oven.

We sang to Connor, had our cookie & ice cream and then Connor opened presents. We finally sent everyone to bed at Midnight. It was pretty quiet by 12:30 so I went to bed. Connor said they couldn't sleep and so they turned on Napolean Dynomite at 1:00. Man, whose idea was it to feed them sugar at 11:30?? I think they did eventually fall asleep and were up bright and early to turn on the gamecube and the tv.


An Ordinary Mom said...

When my kids get a little older, these are the kind of things I want to do with them. I would rather our house be the party house ... at least you know they are safe and minding their manners.

I don't think you are making mountains out of molehills about the hockey game. I enjoy hockey, but then again I enjoy good sportsmanship. These kids are so impressionalbe right now, we do need to be careful what we expose them to. That said, I am sure they all had an enjoyable and memorable night!

Misslionheart said...

'Here here!' Ordinary Mom!
I love the pizza topping selection for the boys to make their own pizzas. My girls made their own pizzas for the first time last week and asked to do it again this week. They were so pleased with their achievements!

Misslionheart said...

I went back for another 'fix' of pizza and noticed, you even made the bases? Good for you!