Sunday, January 21, 2007

Smart Habit Saturday

Man, I am so late this weekend at posting my SMART goal. Sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging, lol! We kept busy with basketball games, grocery shopping, puzzle building, movie watching, baking cookies and I even went to a crop on Friday night for sorority. Courtney went home today after being at our house all week. We are really going to miss her- especially Genna.

So here my update on last week's goal. I wanted to get together an emergency kit to have in the car and start on my storage room. I did get a great start on the storage room. I still have some major stuff to do to have that room the way I'd like- but I think I have it to where I can do bite size chunks of it- instead of feeling overwelmed by the whole huge project.

Here is the car kit I put together. We actually got a good portion of this when we ordered food storage about 9 1/2 years ago. It unfortunately hasn't always been in the car, so I had to go find it and add winter items and food to it.

Included: a tow rope, portable gas can, jumper cables, emergency triangle, flares, foldup shovel, emergency radio, wool blanket and winter items.

Also included:umbrella, dried apples & pineapple, granola bars, water & small bottle, latex gloves, waterproof matches, handwarmers, poncho, emergency vest, travel scrabble game, roll of tp, bandana, wipes, duct tape and a few small candles.

Up front in the glove box we have a small flashlight and various first aid supplies. I do need to go through those and make sure those are all in good order.

But I feel good about getting this kit done. I need to make one up for Troy's work van as well. I am keeping up pretty well on my previous goals as well- I exercised 5 times this week- even the day I subbed.

My goal this week is to get the children's school work under control. I have a huge bag full of papers and artwork in the basement. I keep a drawer in my kitchen where they are supposed to add special papers. These papers always seem to multiply. The ones in the kitchen were recently weeded out but my plan is to get the ones downstairs into binders. I want them to be able to look at them and enjoy them.


The Lazy Organizer said...

Good to see you today! Maybe we should call this Smart Habit Weekend since posting on Saturday can be a little tough.

Way to go on your emergency kit. You are so inspiring! We are traveling up and down the canyon all winter so I will be working on this some time soon.

Thanks for sharing your great photos and good job with your exercise as well. Have a great week!

Lorie said...

Wow that looks great! Good luck this week.

An Ordinary Mom said...

You have been busy and all your hard work is paying off. I really need to get our emergency kite together, especially after all of our false fire alarms last week.

Great job on the exercising and good look on getting your kids papers organinzed!