Thursday, March 29, 2007

Still here

Hey, remember me???

Gosh, time flies when you are having fun. I do apologize for neglecting my blog for so long. I guess one of the biggest reasons I haven't been around much, is that I have been so busy looking up recipes, exercises, and reading success stories. On March 19th, Troy and I, along with Troy's sister and her husband started the Body For Life 12 week challenge. It has been such a fun thing to do this together. Now when the alarm goes off at 5:45, we both get out of bed and head down to exercise. Of course, we haven't even quite hit the 2 week mark yet, and have only dropped a few pounds so far, but still I feel great. I have lots of energy and NO guilt, plus I feel good about myself. It is much easier for me to feel happy with the body God has given me, when I know I am putting an effort into taking care of it.

With that said, here are some things that have happened since I last blogged:

We went down to KS for a fun weekend. My Mom, my sister, Linda, and my sister, Lorilee and I all attended the Time Out for Women that was happening in KC. We had such a great time. Jason Deere performed his music from Joseph, A Nashville Tribute and Hilary Weeks, was the musical host for the rest of the weekend.

Grandma brought all the kids t-shirts from Arizona. They were so excited to get to see Grandma again! But Genna kept asking, why Grandpa couldn't come too.

Here's a family picture from that weekend.

The boys were THRILLED beyond measure when Troy finished putting up their basketball hoop. Since spring hit, they were always down at one of the neighbor's, playing on their hoop. They are sticking around home quite a bit more now. The first day after we got it up, Connor was out shooting hoops before 7am.

So excited to have my bluebirds back on a regular basis. Pretty soon I will probably find a nest built in one of the boxes. My blue feathered friends are definitely one of my favorite things about spring!

Last Saturday, we had a surprise party for my dear friend, Cheryl. I was so excited how it all turned out, we really surprised her! It was a lot of work to pull it off, but it ended up being such a great day. The only bummer was that my camera was dropped off the table that day and so now I am in the market for a new one. So you will have to do without pictures until I can get a new one.

Later that night we were deciding what to do with the kids. We decided to have dinner at home and then make shakes/smoothies for a treat and watch a movie. Well, we never got to dessert. I had fixed tilapia for the first time and Genna had a bad reaction to it. We thought at first she had swallowed a bone, because she keep saying her throat hurt. I was calling the hospital, when her face started breaking out with hives. We took her in to the hospital and paid for some really expensive Benadryl. She ended up being fine, but it was really scary for a while. I am so grateful for the power of prayer and for Heavenly Father watching over my little girl. We decided it sometimes, it is not cheaper to eat at home!

Hope you are having a great day!

Thursday, March 08, 2007


I am feeling rather lucky today...

*I have the sweetest little girl who I get to hang out with all day:

*I was finally able to finish my February card group card. I am ashamed to say these just went in the mail today. I wish I wasn't so talented in the procrastination department.

*I was able to go to lunch with Troy today. Adult conversation is always nice.

*I found the motivation to exercise today.

*I get to go to Time Out for Women with my sisters and Mom this weekend.

*I have the 2nd half of Masterpiece Theater's Great Expectations to finish while I fold the mountain of laundry that has accumulated.

*Ok, and last but not least, I seriously feel so lucky to be able to be friends with so many people through the magic of the internet. It definitely enrichs my life!

Great Expectations!

So, I stumbled across this at Amazon today:

I read several of Shannon Hale's books last year when I was on my medieval/fairy tale kick. I tend to do that in my reading- I like a book about a subject and then I read only about it until I get sick of it. The Hiding Place started my holocaust obsession last fall and you already know my current fixation.

Anyway, back to Shannon Hale. I was browsing the young adult section at the Nebraska City library and found her book the Goose Girl. I really liked and it and jumped online to see if she had anything else out. It was fun to find her website and be able to read her blog and see how she balances being a young LDS mother with her writing.

I will be anxiously awaiting the chance to get my hands on a copy of her new book, Austenland when it comes out.

Monday, March 05, 2007

Stuff to Smile About

It was a great weekend and here are some of the things that made me happy:

*our tax return

*2 boys who did their chores without nagging or grumbling

*getting out of the house after being cooped up for a few days

*watching a very cool lunar eclipse

*having enough kleenex with me when we went and saw Bridge to Terabithia

*Having a shirtsleeve to use when I watched Click. I could have never guessed an Adam Sandler movie would have me in tears the way this one did. I am not necessarily recommending this b/c it was full of Adam Sandler humor- but it did have a very touching message

*Getting to go to church on Sunday. Even though it was nice to sleep in last week, I sure miss being there, it makes me whole week go better

*Finishing up Mansfield Park- realizing that even though it isn't my favorite- it isn't as awful as the movie

*Seeing all of the wind's handiwork in the snowdrifts on the way to and from church, it was just beautiful

*Enjoying a yummy lasagna dinner with the missionaries last night

*Getting back to our regular routine today!

*Finding out I won something really cool! I never win anything, so I am so excited!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Slip Sliding Away

We had another snow day here. The winds have not let up and there are a lot of drifts. Troy is currently pulling his brother out of some snow drift as I type. This morning after a game of hide and seek, it was all business around here. We got rooms vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned and renewed our acquaintance with our good friends Mr. Shampoo and Mrs. Wash Cloth.

After lunch we headed out as a family to the high school for some sledding. We all had a blast. The photos didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped, but it was so bright it was hard to tell while I was taking them. The snowboard was the favorite method of transport down the hill. Even Troy tried it out, but before I could take a picture he wiped out, lol!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Snow Day

This winter is definitely going out like a lion.

We are all snuggled in here at home, still in our pj's. Now feeling very thankful that I did stop at Walmart yesterday. On tap for the rest of the day? Thinking about making some bread, and maybe I will get around to finishing up a scrapbook page sitting on my desk. Jameson put in a request for pancakes for lunch and so I think I will put him in charge of flipping.

Wherever you are today, hope you are safe and warm!