Monday, August 20, 2007

1st Day of School


Wow, it is pretty quiet in my house right now. We got all 3 kids dropped off at school this morning. Genna is going to an everyday preschool program at the school, Connor is in 4th grade and Jameson is in 5th.

Everyone was excited for school to start, all 3 of them joyfully made their lunch yesterday after church. Genna was especially cute making her peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It's too bad that the excitement over that task couldn't last the whole year long.

I had to make a quick run to Walmart at 6:15 this morning to get a new camera battery. I foolishly held out hope that the hotel we stayed at would have returned my battery charger to me by now. I also picked up some donuts and strawberry milk. Troy got everyone up and dressed while I was gone so we could have scripture reading when I got home. We unfortunately let that slide over the summer time. It was really good to get it started again today.

I did take a picture of the kids on the steps of the school, but the boys were not thrilled about having to stand there for 2 seconds while their classmates were watching, so it didn't turn out very good. I did restrain myself from kissing them goodbye and utterly embarassing them.

I was really worried about Genna going to preschool because last year she struggled when we would drop her off. She loved preschool, but hated to say goodbye to us. She did start warming up to the idea more after helping to pick out her backpack and lunchbox and school clothes. Then after going to the open house last week and seeing all the fun stuff there, she finally started getting excited about going. It also helps that several of her friends from preschool last year are going to be there.

She did so great this morning. She hesitated just a bit after walking into the noisy room, but once she got her bearings, she hung up her backpack, let me take a picture with her teacher and sat down to do puzzles. No crying, clinging or chasing after me like last year. I know she is going to love it there. She is at an age where she is really ready to learn things. She always wants me to tell her the words of a story, so she can "read" the book to me.

I'll admit the quiet here is pretty peaceful. But I am grateful that it won't last all day long. Even though there are a lot of days where my kids drive me crazy, I am so thankful to be able to stay home with them; to be able to pick them up from school and hear how their day went. My friend Cheryl bakes chocolate chip cookies for her son after the first day of school, which is a great tradition. I am not sure I will get that done today. Oh well, we still have a whole box of donuts leftover because everyone was too excited to eat much this morning.

Ok, I better get going, it really has gotten too quiet, the washer finished it's cycle and I must get the clothes into the dryer. Gotta create some background noise so I can hear myself think.
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Andrea said...

wow- alone all day to get stuff done. Nice!!
Enjoy your quiet.

Tour de Life said...

Glad to have you back to blogging again! I am really bad at commenting, but I am here! Have a great week!