Thursday, October 11, 2007

Hair Clips

Subbing went pretty well today. 1st graders are pretty cute. They still like their teachers and give lots of hugs. I go back for the same class tomorrow, which is always nice, part of the struggle of subbing, is getting their schedule down. And believe you me, they will tell you if you step one toe out of order as far as scheduling goes.

Got the boys fed and off to soccer and a court of honor and went to my meeting. I was envisioning a nice, long, relaxing night at home, just Genna and I. It was at home and it was pretty relaxing, but the time just flew by. I had to fix dinner for myself when I got home, because I wasn't talented enough to come up with 2 meals(meal 1 that is quick and easy and meal 2 that is Body For Life legal) in the hour I had after school. This is where the lightbulb should go off, Kristi, if you planned your meals out, your life would be so much easier.

After I ate dinner, Genna really wanted to play dolls with me. So we fed and burped and changed their diapers and put them to bed. Next it was bathtime and bedtime for Genna. The boys got home and we had to get a run down of their evening, as well. By that time it was after 9:00. Add in some laundry and then finally I was able to sit down at the computer and think about what I wanted to do tonight.

I saw these cute felted hair clips on Flickr and thought they would be fun to make. Easier said, than done, even with a tutorial. You have to remember, I am still getting to know my sewing machine. Here are the results.

Notice, there are several, 4 to be exact, that didn't turn out. One was the wrong size- I made a pattern after that- and 3, count them, 3, I sewed with the sleeve on the back going the wrong way. Yep, I am just silly sometimes. The sad thing, was that I sewed one, and realized it was going the wrong way, so I started again, and ended up doing 2 more, the exact same wrong way. Anyway, they are finished. Genna won't be able to wear them for a while, but the only other red shirts she has have black on it and I couldn't find any cute black buttons in my stash.

While I was searching for other options to put on the top, I came across some clips where the lady making them, had encased the whole barrette. She said they worked well for fine hair. Genna's hair is pretty fine, so I decided to try one of those, without a tutorial even.

I like how it turned out. It did take a little while though, as I hand stitched the whole thing. I felt a lot more in control, however, and so I plan to make more of these. After making a match for the pink and white one, I think I'll do some black and orange ones for Halloween.


LORILEE said...

Those turned out really cute Kristi! I think in sewing, sometimes your have to make several mistakes before you get really good at it.

Andrea said...

really cute!
And sometime I'd love to hear more about your body for life and what you have to eat.

Freer Family said...

Those are super cute. I think Halloween ones would be perfect. You are sooo crafty!