Monday, October 06, 2008

Conference Weekend

A few months ago Troy decided that he wanted to take Jameson out to Utah to attend his first General Priesthood Meeting in the Conference Center. They made it a family affair and took Grandpa Bennett and Shane along for the ride.

They left Thursday night and drove all night. They went up to Rexburg to get some of Shane's things out of storage. They said the drive was really pretty and the new temple is gorgeous!

Friday evening they arrived at Shantelle and Randy's house in Orem. Troy said she took good care of them and fed them well. Jameson had a lot of fun playing with Caleb and Anna. Anna just turned one in August. She is walking all around and has the cutest laugh.

Randy went with them and they drove up to Salt Lake. First, they stopped on Temple Square and saw Stephanie and her companion. She comes home from her mission next month. We were able to see her last year on our vacation- this picture was taken then.

Then they went to the priesthood session. They weren't allowed to bring cameras in, so they didn't get any pictures. That's ok, since Jameson said from where they were sitting the prophet looked like a little ant. They weren't up quite this high, but this was the view looking down when we toured the conference center last year.

But they both said it was an amazing experience- especially when the choir and congregation all sang Praise to the Man. Troy is so happy they went.

After the session, they walked around a bit and took some pictures. They had to park up near the Utah State Capitol. They said the temple was so pretty at night!

Not pictured was the Anti-Mormon protestor they saw dressed in a Devil costume. Rats, I would have liked to have seen that!

They had a long drive home. It rained a good portion of the way. They stopped to see this crazy tree growing out of a rock in Wyoming.

The rest of us had to stay home and watch General Conferenceonline or on tv. It was so uplifting as usual. Two of my favorite talks this time were by Joseph B. Wirthlin and Jeffrey R. Holland. Of course, it is such a blessing to be able to hear from a prophet of God, Thomas S. Monson. His talk in the Sunday morning session was awesome! I loved his message to "find joy in the journey- now!" We were able to see a program about him on KBYU during the break, called On the Lord's Errand. It was such a wonderful insight into this dear man who leads and guides the church. I couldn't find a link to the program itself, but, this is a pretty good article that shares a lot of the same stories.

I am defintely recharged and ready for whatever the world has in store for me this week.


candiceschenk said...

I too loved Conference. I am thinking of making signs for my friends that say, "Find joy in the Journey" Such an inspiring man! And such an inspiring event!

At Home In Georgia said...

I LOVE that "Find joy in the Journey" I need to read that every morning. If you come up with a cute craft with the saying I would love to see it.