Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Chocolate Enrichment Night

It's been a crazy busy week, but I had to come on here and post about our fun enrichment last week.

Here's the invite that Glenda made-

We wanted to focus on building relationships. We played a game called Fast Friends- which is basically like speed dating. We had a topic and spent a few minutes discussing it before one side of the table moved on to the next person.

We asked everyone to bring a chocolate dessert and a recipe, which we made into a small little book.

Some of the yummy goodies.

Handouts that we could bring to the ladies we visit teach.

I shared this recipe.

5 minute Chocolate Cake in a Cup

4 T. flour
4 T. Sugar
2 T. unsweetened cocoa
1 egg
3 T. milk
3 T. oil
3 T. chocolate chips
splash of vanilla or other flavoring
optional toppings: whipped cream, powdered sugar or ice cream

Add all of dry ingredients in a mug and mix well. Next mix in the egg. Stir in milk, flavoring, and oil. After all combined fold in chocolate chips. Don’t have chips- try a broken candy bar. Nuke on high for 3 minutes in a 1000w microwave- increase time for lower wattages. It will start to crown over the top of the mug- don’t panic it will go back down. Remove and if desired add additional toppings. Enjoy!

Of course, I had to try it out first at home.

It was pretty, good, especially for a quick craving. In my opinion though, it did taste better after sitting for a little while.

And with a little vanilla ice cream.


Amber M. said...

I'd give my left arm (or maybe even a kid) for a collection of those choclate recipes...

beckbot said...

Perfect! Chocolate cake for one.

At Home In Georgia said...

What a fun night...wish I could have gone to that!

Kristi said...

I love the idea of a chocolate/friendship themed enrichment activity. Super cute!

Carin said...

Sounds wonderful.