Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Eve 2008

Wow, it's hard to believe that Christmas is over. We had such a wonderful time and made so many happy memories.

For the past 3 years now we've invited the missionaries to spend Christmas Eve with us. Missionaries for our church are gone from their family for 18-24 months and can only call home a few times a year. So we love having them in our home and hopefully making it a special time for them.

A lot of preparation went into the food. I spent 2 whole days in the kitchen chopping, cutting, etc. But it was all worth it. We had a nice dinner, complete with my first ever stuffed turkey(thanks Cheryl). Troy's Mom & Dad and Shane came over and we all had a wonderful time visiting and eating.

After dinner we put on the nativity play. It is almost as much fun getting ready for the production as it is putting it on. After everyone had their costumes, we were ready. Troy's Mom was a the narrator and the play was a success. This is a tradition adopted from my childhood and it is one of my favorite parts of our Christmas every year. We even had a dog this year to help herd the sheep.

After dinner the missionaries- Elder Hedelius and Elder Larson(who will only be in our ward for 5 days) opened their presents. I also sent home some cinnamon rolls and a little stocking for their Christmas morning.

Elder Larson had a conversation piece belt buckle that Jameson was just fascinated by. My boy is always looking for projects to make and this one really caught his eye. I won't show you the 20 or more pictures he took of it, but here is one of them.

The next item on our agenda was decorating the sugar coookies that we'd made the day before. We had to have something to put out on Santa's plate. It was a messy but fun process. Santa's plate was overflowing by the time we were done.

While Troy & his Dad took the missionaries home, the rest of us played a game. Then the kids got our their instruments and we had a little jam session. Troy played and we sang Silent Night. Then the boys did several songs together. Shane even belted out a few songs on the trumpet.

We had just such a nice time with Troy's family. We're so glad they came over. And not just because Betty brought a yummy banana split pie. Johnny keeps us all in stitches. We love them so much. My parents don't get to come back for the holidays from Arizona and so I am so thankful to have Troy's family close by.

After filling up Santa's cup with milk, we set the plate out and read Twas the Night Before Christmas and then tucked the kids in bed. They all decided to sleep down in Jameson's room together.

It was a fun filled evening that will always be remembered.

BTW- several people have asked me about the borders and editing I use and I just play around in Microsoft Digital Image Suite. The snow on my blog I actually saw on someone else's blog and just copied and pasted the code into mine.


Kristi said...

Perfect! Sounds like you made a memorable Holiday for your family, and the missionaries. Merry, Merry!

Grandma K said...

How fun!
Wonderful memories.
Love the Nativity pictures.