Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas with the Bennett's

Christmas afternoon we headed over to Tiffany's house. Genna wanted to have curly hair and it turned out so cute! We first opened presents and then ate our traditional soup supper. Tiffany sewed beads on 25 little stockings with our names to be adorable little place markers. Then on top of that she made 25 bread bowls from scratch for us to put our soup in. Check out Creighton's bread bowl filled with candy, his mean mom made him dump it out and put soup in it, lol! We always have so much fun being together. After presents & dinner it was time for games. We played tripoley, hucklebuck & madgab.

Be sure and click on the picture so you can read the captions on the pictures!


Grandma K said...

Love Genna's cute hair!
Reminds me of the Kristi and Lorilee's curls when they were that age.
What a fun Christmas!

Dunsters said...

I wish we could have been there. Thanks so much for the gifts. The kids loved them and we are excited to go to Applebee's. That is so sweet of you guys to remember us this year. Thanks for everything. You guys are a great example of giving.