Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Otoe County Fair 2009

August is fair time at our house. For the past 10 years now, Troy and his brother have had a booth in 4 different county fairs.

One county fair is fun, but add on 3 more- not so much. Then several years back we discovered Open Class and that added to the craziness that is fair time for us.

Ok, in all honesty we do enjoy the finished product of entering things in the fair- the ribbons, the money and just walking around and seeing our stuff displayed, but it is a lot of work getting ready for it. This year, we scaled way back on our entries, which helped some.

We still managed to bring home a few ribbons- sorry I was too lazy to remove the entry tickets

Our prize earnings are as follows: Me: $54, Jameson: $51, Connor:$28 & Genna $21

Here are some of our entries this year

Thanks to Grandpa & Grandma Koski and Cheryl for their help with fair stuff this year!

This year I have to take rides off the fun at the fair list. While there are a couple of classics that are still enjoyable, each one of my kids managed to get sick. Note to self for next year- don't buy the wrist bands.

The parade is always a fun part of the parade and it was even better this year because we got watch Jameson march for the first time.

The fair is always the week before school starts and by then we are ready to get back into a regular schedule. That's where we are now. But give us a few weeks and we'll start planning for next year's fair.

Monday, August 17, 2009

1st Day of School 2009

Well ready or not, school started today.

15 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches for the freezer- check

New Shoes- check

New Backpacks- check

The annual photo on the front porch- check

Can't believe I have kids at 3 different schools this year

Genna's the only one at the elementary in 1st Grade

Connor will ride the bus this year to Unadilla for 6th grade

My big 7th grader who is up at the high school