Monday, November 02, 2009

Halloween Hoopla

Our Halloween fun started on Thursday night when Genna & I went to a Disney party at the Kunz house.

Little Sharpay

Heather & Genna(who felt much more comfortable without the wig)

Latrice, the evil queen, Cruella(Sue) and Tinkerbell

Ammon, Hannah, & Tyler in the unbirthday room

Ward Trunk or Treat on Friday night- my camera battery was dying and so I didn't get as many pictures as I wanted. Plus we got there late, Jameson's costume wouldn't inflate and it was really cold. Some of the primary kids couldn't believe that pirate was the Bishop.

Saturday morning and afternoon were the last Soccer games of the year

We were so happy it warmed up for Saturday evening.

The kids were ready to go.

Trick or Treating in Shane & JJ's neighborhood- isn't Jameson's costume hilarious? He must be getting too old, he went to about 5 houses and was done. Connor lasted about 10.

Pirate Shane & his treasure JJ- this was the first time we saw their cute house

Mr. & Mrs. Scary

We had the best time at the party eating yummy food, celebrating Betty's birthday and hanging out with our family

Not Halloween related but yesterday was sweet little Seth's blessing

Hope you all had a safe & fun Halloween


Anonymous said...

Shane and I were so impressed with your costumes! So great! Set the bar high :) We were so glad you all could come on Saturday -- best Halloween in a LONG time!

Kristi said...

You are fabulously festive!

I love that you all dress-up. I'm afraid I'm a bit of a party pooper, when it comes to dressing up.

Great pictures! The sumo cracks me up...

Amber M. said...

Oh my goodness!! So much to catch up on. First of all, all the costumes were fab, but Connor? Sumo AWESOME!!!

And so sorry to hear about the van (and the deer...)

Missing you!

MamaBug said...

Your family's costumes were fabulous!

What a sweet baby!

Andrea said...

Those are some great costumes!!