Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Santa's Elves were up much later than expected- some assembly required took about 2 hours

The boys were excited to get Band Hero and Genna loves her new Barbie House

Stocking Stuffers

Mosby really got into opening his presents this year

Genna got a dog she named Snowball, her very own lego set, the Alvin & the Chipmunks movie

Connor got a new adidas sweatshirt, the book Fablehaven & a case for his DS

Jameson got a bomber hat, a gym bag & a new battery charger for his camera

Sorry about the scary picture- as you can see I was completely spoiled

Troy got a new coat & gloves, his standard white shirt & black socks, & a couple of the Office seasons

We woke up to huge drifts everywhere. Since our road wasn't plowed until the next day and I was up all night sick, we just stayed at home, which was definitely different for us.

our neighbors house

The day was spent in our new pj's, rocking out, watching movies and just being together. Thankfully, I had spent the whole day before making food- so while I was in bed, my family didn't go hungry. Troy did have to fend for himself to make the frosting to go on the almond rolls I had made- but besides that there was plenty to eat.

It was a different but happy Christmas


Amy said...

I always enjoy seeing your holiday pictures! Your family is growing up! Wow! Looks like you had an awesome Christmas!

Vicki said...

that snow is amazing. I love the pink lego set! Merry Christmas!

Amber M. said...

(besides the being sick part) It sounds like a fabulous Christmas in Syracuse!

Kristi said...

Your Christmas looks positively cozy. Glad everyone was spoiled (including you).

Freer Family said...

I can barely see you under that big pile of presents, lol! I'm a tad jealous of that Barbie House. Looks like a very Merry ChristmaS!