Thursday, January 07, 2010

The last of Christmas & welcoming 2010

I am late in posting these but for posterity's sake here are the rest of our Christmas festivity pictures.

We had a fun work party at TGI Friday's in Omaha...

Sam is holding a pair of barbie legs- a running joke between Lance & Troy

We actually held Christmas on New Year's Day with Troy's immediate family. We had a blast eating soup(I brought corn chowder), opening presents, and playing games(Things, Wheel of Fortune and Catch Phrase kept us busy).

New Year's Eve we spent at Tami & Greg's. Connor actually went to the Orchard's house. We were not crazy about not being all together for the night but after 5 minutes of 3 boys playing tackle dodgeball downstairs near Greg's glass display cabinets we decided that was a good decision on our part to let him go.

We had a fun time eating and playing games.

We actually missed ringing in the new year by a minute we were so engrossed in our game of bananagrams.

Poor Genna is still upset that she missed "the party". She just saw the picture today almost a week later and burst into tears again.

We are so fortunate to have such dear family and friends who bless our lives in so many ways.

Happy New Year to you all...

Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Zoo Trip

Over Christmas break we all had cabin fever after all the snow days and sickness that we NEEDED a day out. We had Troy's work party in Omaha and so we thought it would be fun to head to the Henry Doorly Zoo. For as cold and snowy as it was, there were quite a few people out to see the animals- I guess they were going stir crazy just like we were.

We are so privileged to have such a fantastic zoo so close to us. We had a great time seeing all of the animals and it felt great to get out of the house.

Mr. Peacock


The Lied Jungle

the monkeys were just howling up a storm it was so funny!

The Aquarium- regretably I could not get a good picture of the huge sharks and turtles swimming over our heads

I was fascinated by the jellyfish, since I just had watched the movie Seven Pounds

One of my favorite spots at the zoo- I could watch them for hours

The Desert Dome

Mr. Meerkat

Albino Crocodile

Gorilla Valley & Orangutan Forest

Most of the displays were littered with boxes, paper towel and fabric- it looked eerily familiar to my house Christmas afternoon

There was the cutest 6 month old baby gorilla

Wish I could have got a better picture of his adorable face

It was definitely worth braving the cold weather to watch something besides the television- to see colorful animals after seeing snowdrift after dreary snowdrift and to move around the zoo after being caged up at home for several days on end.