Thursday, October 27, 2005

Enter the Kingdom of Reading

Woohoo!! I am more than excited to have the book fair done this year. For some reason it seemed like almost more work than last year to me, but I guess that is because we added a few new programs than we had done in the past. We are going to try hard to recruit a few more volunteers to be on a committee, so my friend Tami and I don't have to do so much of the work ourselves before hand. After a strenous day on Tuesday, standing on my feet from 10:00 am to 8 pm, I was about ready to throw in the towel. But a good night's sleep and watching my children get excited over the books we purchased, helped me realize it really was worth all the hard work. Plus we raised an additional $256 that went towards buying books for the school library. So if I can be cheesy for a minute, I'll share my hope is that lots of children in our school, including my own will truly enter the kingdom of reading. Reading is something I am so passionate about and I hope that my kids will someday feel that same way!

Monday, October 24, 2005

That is me sighing with huge relief that our Sacrament Meeting presentation is finished for another year. The kids all did such a great job. For his part, one little Sunbeam was asked, Timothy, what do we come to earth to get? He quickly replied, "a happy birthday." Jameson and Connor both did a wonderful job giving their parts! I am very proud of them and all the other children. Grandma and Grandma Koski were able to come down and watch and I know that meant a lot to the boys and to me.

I was reading in a book I got recently about contentment. The author spoke about how she would pass by this beautifully manicured lawn and how she saw the owner sitting on his porch looking so content. Now obviously his lawn did not look the way it did by him spending all his time sitting on the porch. One reason he probably looked so content, was because he had put a lot of hard work and effort into his lawn and now he was able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor. That is how I felt after this day was over. The program was the beautiful fruit of all of our hard work and efforts of this past year in Primary. I am so grateful for my calling. The children truly teach me every week. And even though, I am taking a moment to sit back on the porch and be content for a moment. I look forward to getting back out there next week and starting the work all over again.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Almost 3

Life with an almost 3 year old is never dull. Today I had to get the magic eraser out b/c there were lots of green and red scribbles underneath the bannister going downstairs. That artwork was actually created on Wednesday. This afternoon while Connor was painting upstairs she decided the counters would look nice in purple crayon. The crayons have always lived on top of the fridge where she can't reach them. I think they will be taking a little sabbatical.. And obviously, parental supervision will be required if she is going to use them again any time soon.

Despite her unsatisfactory canvas choices, she really is quite fun to have around. She always makes me smile. The other morning we had been listening to nursery rhyme songs and at lunch along with blessing Daddy at work and the boys at school, she made sure to bless the muffin man. We have had the sickies around our house for almost 2 weeks now and so when Connor was sick the other day, she got the big honkin' candy thermometer out and put it under her arm to check her temperature.

It is crazy to think of what life would be like without her around our house. I love my sweet little, Genna girl!

Thursday, October 20, 2005


I have always known that I have a great husband. He is a very sweet guy! He is not perfect and there are times when I grumble about things that he does or doesn't do(like the garbage last week). But all trash talkin' aside, I definitely need to thank my lucky stars and my Heavenly Father for the wonderful companion I have! I have been having an incredibly stressful month and he surprised me today with the most beautiful flowers. Thanks honey, I love you!
Sarah MacLachlan sings a song titled "World on fire" and I am pretty sure the lyrics aren't about the changing leaves. But I can't help but think of that phrase as I drive around seeing the trees ablaze with color. I am also doing a little shopping as well, I need to find a tree that I can plant in my yard. This spring I was resolved that it needed to be a non fruit bearing dark pink flowering crab apple tree. This fall, I am almost convinced that a red maple might be a better choice. Oh well, I am not in a rush to run out and plant a tree. For now, I will be satisfied with all the gorgeous trees I get to see as I drive around town. To borrow from another song, I am so glad that I live in this beautiful world, Heavenly Father's created for me.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Fall is one of my favoritest times of year. The colors are so vibrant and bright. I drive around literally oohing and aahing over the gorgeous trees. I took pictures of these pumpkins at the patch in KS this last weekend. Autumn would not be complete without a batch of homemade pumpkin bars with cream cheese frosting. I made some on Sunday. Alas, the pan is already all gone. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Is this thing on?

You know, I actually have a million and one other things I should be doing. But here I am, setting up a blog. It is not contributing in any way towards my progress on the book fair. I am not printing any scout information out right now. And I am not currently surfing for more 3rd grade halloween party ideas. However, there are many days when I seem to get lost in the laundry, webelos awards and whatever else is topping my to do list. Today seems to be one of those days. I think I need to do this in my life. I need to be able to vent. I need to be able to look at my day and find those small but meaningful details that I might not see if I weren't blogging. So, if you don't mind, I think I will turn this thing on.