Monday, October 26, 2009

the new Mr. & Mrs.

Recently, we were so happy to be able to witness the marriage of Troy's brother Shane and his new wife JJ. We instantly fell in love with JJ when we met her and so we are so happy to officially have her as a part of the family.

At the temple

Before the wedding on the grounds

Genna LOVES her new aunt

Shane, JJ & Troy's parents

Shane, JJ & all of Troy's siblings

the whole clan

At the reception

Getting a little help from his big bro

Shane and all the niece, nephews & 1 nephew in law

Working the Gift Table

Gorgeous Cake

Happy Couple

First Dance

Dancing Queen

Twirly Girl

Connor cuts a rug

Sam had some moves

Caleb Boogies with his buddies

Little Jamie Horner (whose mom still hasn't gotten the wax out of his suit yet)

A sparkler sendoff (and yes, I was crazy enough to try and take a picture with a hot sparkler in my hand)

Thanks for looking at all of these pictures. It really was such a wonderful day.We couldn't be happier for Shane & JJ.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall at our house

Yep, it's definitely fall around here...

mums & pumpkins welcome you to our house

several large acorns now reside in the bowl on my table

yummy fall food is baking in the oven(mini caramel apple pies & stuffed squash)

hot cups of herbal tea & muffins can be found near the computer

a harvest moon rises as I do the dishes after dinner

Puzzles are being completed at a faster rate than the ones lingering for weeks on end during the summer

my snowbird parents are getting ready to fly south for the winter

Connor has grown a mustache

I drive around oohing and aahing at the gorgeous colors

I did resist the urge to go crunching through these leaves on my parents street since I had to get back and pick up the kids from school

snow is falling on the lawn furniture- ok, thankfully that isn't typical and hopefully mother nature has that out of her system for another month or more

Thursday, October 01, 2009

October FIRST

Wow, has this year just flown by or what?

(please excuse my lame attempt at tying all these random things together)


morning's light

time throwing a surprise party for my husband. (he figured something was up- we also celebrated his nephew's 20th birthday too)

time holding sweet baby Seth born Sept. 24th- he was 8'10 just like Connor

colors of fall

time doing a puzzle this big- it was huge, but lots of fun

soccer game of the year for both boys- (Jameson hasn't played since Spring of 2008 and Connor sat out Spring 2009- they were both thrilled to get back to it)

time making grape jelly- sorry you can't even see it, but it's there along with several other firsts~ unsweetened applesauce, pear butter, apple/pearsauce and strawberry raspberry applesauce

meal of the day- (yes, I am back to the no cold cereal rule at our house)

time playing football for Jameson- 3-6th grade football around here plays games on Sunday and so the boys have sat out until now- Connor is one of the team managers

time marching at a Homecoming game

trying the equinox tricks

time growing a pumpkin in several years- isn't it a big one, lol!