Thursday, January 31, 2008

Chunks of Fun

There is just something so exciting about a new box of crayons. The kids can have boxes of them at home, but they are still drawn to the crisp yellow and green box when we pass them in the store.

I'd been wanting to mold our own crayons for quite a while now. I considered doing it for Genna's colorful party in November, but it was a good thing that I didn't follow through with it then (it is a little time consuming and messy). A few weeks ago Amber posted about how to do this fun project.. And then I found this picture on Flickr.

So yes, it was messy, lots of crayon papers and chunks of wax everywhere. I hope my cutting board recovers. I did take a magic eraser to it and it took most of it off.

But then end results were definitely worth it.

Even the big kids thought it was fun!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tuesday's Tasks

Ok, after a week or more of channeling all my energy into perusing fitness blogs and websites, I got back into making a few things today.

First, I finished up a couple of scrapbook pages. Not fabulous, but they are done. And I am sorry, I am too lazy to scan my 2 page layouts.

Next, I decided to try out Jessica Seinfeld's brownie recipe- you know the one with spinach and carrots in it. I made these before Genna got home. They are supposed to cool completely before you eat them, otherwise you can taste the spinach. Wanna know how they rated? 2 not so goods and 3 yes, make them agains. My boys were the ones who didn't like the taste of them. They are not super sweet, although they are extremely moist. I had a small taste and thought they were pretty good. I decided I will try and make them again, after we do some serious sugar weaning around here.

Then, don't fall over with shock, but I made something with one of my vintage pillowcases. It's a reusable grocery bag made from this awesome tutorial! I have been trying really hard at my local store, to request paper instead of the plastic, but I need to make quite a few more, before I could handle a trip to Walmart. Here is another tutorial. I really liked her produce bags too.

And lastly, while perusing more of Deceptively Delicious, I found her meatball soup recipe. It is similar to this one I'd bookmarked to try someday.

It was a big hit with everyone, well, except Genna. She didn't love it, but she ate it all without making a trip into the bathroom to toss what she didn't like into the trash. It cracks me up when she picks up her plate and heads down the hall. Of course, I don't let her get very far and she still has to eat her food, but I think it's kind of funny that she doesn't think I'll notice.

Anyway, the more I've looked at this book, the more I like it. Not because I think I need to hide vegetables from my kids, but because it has so many ideas for encorporating more nutrients than some of the other recipes I would normally make. My kids are actually pretty good vegetable eaters, but it never hurts to figure out a way to get more veggies in them!

Hope you all had a great day!

Monday, January 28, 2008

We Thank Thee Oh God For A Prophet

Gordon B. Hinckley, our dear prophet and president of the church passed away last night. Of course, since hearing the news, I've been reflecting much on this wonderful man of God and his influence over my life.

I shook his hand as a young girl while attending the City of Nauvoo pageant. I didn't know then how much I would grow to love his sense of humor, his optimism and his guidance in my life.

When I was in college, I went to my first live session of General Conference. Sitting in the hard benches of the tabernacle balcony, I heard President Hinckley give his talk Mormon Should Mean More Good.

When Jameson was just a few weeks old, we attended the Mormon Batallion Renenactment in Council Bluffs, Iowa where President Hinckley was a featured speaker. We were a few hundred feet back from him, but what an awesome thing it was to be in the presence of a prophet of God as we celebrated the rich heritage of our church.

I have often thought about the peace and reassurance I felt after 9-11 rocked our world, as President Hinckley spoke shortly following that event.

I remember growing up, so often at General Conference President Kimball or President Benson were often absent from the sessions due to health reasons. What a blessing it has been to have a prophet who has been such a presence in conferences as well as throughout the world. His travel schedule was mind boggling, at the age of 95 he made a 25,000 mile trip around the world to visit the saints.

Every day I walk by his 6 "B's".

One of my favorite stories about his life was this: While he was on his mission living in a very ordinary neighborhood at 15 Wadham Place in Preston, England, he wrote home saying that he was wasting his time and his parents’ money.

His father wrote back, “Dear Gordon, I have your letter…I have only one suggestion: Forget yourself and go to work.”

Then, President Hinckley said, “I got on my knees in that little bedroom…and made a pledge that I would try to give myself unto the Lord.

“The whole world changed. The fog lifted. The sun began to shine in my life…Everything that has happened to me since, that’s been good, I can trace to that decision made in that little house.”

I guess I could go on and on about all the ways he has affected my life, but dishes and laundry should probably be attended to. The fact of the matter is, he was an incredible man who was indeed, a prophet of God and I am so thankful for his service to the Lord!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Curried Chicken Salad

I sort of combined 2 different recipes that I found in the South Beach Quick & Easy cookbook and the Eating For Life cookbook.

3 Large chicken breasts- cooked and cubed
1 cup plain lowfat yogurt
1 T. curry powder(I don't think I had that much in my container- so I just made do)
1/2 t. ground ginger
3/4 c. chopped celery
1/2 small red onion(we left this out- I don't like raw onions)
salt and pepper to taste
1/3 c. craisins
1/3 c. sliced almonds

Mix all ingredients together. (I just put a few craisins and almonds on the top of my salad when I ate it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Random Ramblings

Just thought I'd share a few things from the past couple of days...

Monday's Dinner~Curried Chicken Salad

Sunset on the snow

Moonrise- too bad I don't know how to use the different settings on my camera, because it was a gorgeous moonrise.

There now my beside table is much happier than it was before! I just have to say the Home for the Holiday's book by Hallmark is pure eye candy! I actually got another Christmas idea book too. At my little library, you can never tell if you'll be able to find them next fall when I'd want them.

And even though I've got Christmas on my brain, Valentine's Day is just around the corner! I just bagged up some storebought cookies in a cello bag with ribbon for a quick gift.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Geography fun

Have you seen this? It is fun and addicting. Don't start it when you are supposed to be studying your Visiting Teaching lesson. You will have to read it in the car on the way over instead.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Snowing again!

I have to admit, I am kind of liking all of the snow we have been getting. It has nicely filled in all the brown empty patches on my lawn and blanketed the flower beds that I never got cleared off last fall.

Here are some pictures from last weekend...

Pizza and Ice Cream at the Nutcracker. Connor had 2 buddies over to spend the night for his birthday. They stayed up until 2am, crazy kids. I never did anything like that.

Jameson scored 7 points in his basketball game on Saturday.

Genna loves to do the parachute at tumbling.

Bowling on the Wii, is much easier than bowling in real life. Troy did manage to score a 150. I won't mention my score.

Just for the record, I finished up my South Beach Phase one. It was a tough 2 weeks, abstaining from popcorn, peanut M&M's, chips and dip, pizza and ice cream while my family enjoyed them all, but it was worth it, I lost 8 pounds. I decided to start another challenge with Body For Life, to help me stay focused to reach my goals.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Freedom Isn't Free

We went to the airport today to see off my BIL, Orin. He will be deployed for 400 days. My heart just aches when I think of the sacrifice his family has to make while he is gone. I am so incredibly grateful for all those men and women in our country who serve and for their families who stay behind, counting the days until they will be reunited.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Random Ramblings on a snowy night

My breakfast everyday this week so far- Arizona green tomatoes courtesy of my Mom. Thanks Mom!

I did 3 miles on the treadmill today! My goal this week is 8 miles. I have 3 more to go between tomorrow and Friday!

Genna and I had fun at lunch watching all the birds. We pulled our chairs right up by the window and ate with our bird books on our laps.

After school, the kids and I stopped by here. The boys had to talk with a local artist for a Webelo badge. We spent about an hour with Amy. She showed us how she creates her art and spent a lot of time talking to the boys about how one might go about pursuing a career in art. It was so fascinating. I could have sat and listened to her for hours, had Genna not been extremely clingy and wanting to be held the whole time. My back was aching by the time we left. But we all left feeling very inspired. Connor spent an hour in his room sketching states. He decided he was going to draw the outline of all 50. He started with Texas, of course.

It's actually been snowing for most of the day. It was kind of nice, we had a "snow night"- Troy and Jameson got to stay home since they cancelled church. We didn't have to rush through dinner. We had time to clean up the kitchen and get showers in before American Idol started.

It's almost midnight and I haven't put my pajamas on yet. I still have on my new shirt that I got for $2.49 yesterday. What do you think? Is it cute and fun or does it just make you wonder if I am expecting?

I spent the rest of my day working on the pages I had prepped. I have 4 more to do tomorrow. Here's what I got done:
(You can click on the picture to make it bigger. Sorry I am so lazy about scanning and stitching these 2 page layouts!)

When I finish those layouts and get my office cleaned up- I am a messy scrapbooker, I want to make something for this. Heaven knows, I have enough vintage pillowcases!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Scrapbook Pages

Just wanted to share a few pages from the crop I went to last weekend. Sadly, I only got 4 done. But I have about seven 2 page layouts sitting on my desk with the pictures cropped and the paper picked out, so watch for those soon.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Birthday Boy

Today is Connor's birthday. The big one zero! Double digits. It seems like Jameson just turned 10. Oh, wait, that's because I am finally getting around to scrapbooking about that birthday. Anyway, the bummer thing for Connor today was that he woke up feeling pretty yucky. He tried going to school for a little bit, but just didn't feel up to it. So he came home and rested for a while and then started in on his 2 1/2 hours of homework. He finally was able to eat some toast and drink some Sierra Mist and he felt a litlte better. Grandma & Grandpa are here for a few more days and so we were excited to have them come down and celebrate this special day with us. Connor requested roast, potatoes, carrots and green bean casserole for his birthday dinner. Grandma brought a salad and a pomegrante from Arizona. After dinner there were lots of fun presents and brownies & ice cream. Happy Birthday, Texas Boy!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

About me this week...

I found this fun meme on Bella Dia's blog.

On My Bedside Table:
Five Love Languages (my lesson at sorority this week was about this book)
A pair of green earrings
A picture Genna painted me
The remote for the DVD player that broke last year !?!

Next Up from Netflix:
sigh, we still have The Reading Room
The Astronaut Farmer
I Am David
Unaccompanied Minors
The Derby Stallion

Latest Interests:
scrapbooking with a focus of getting more pictures scrapped on one layout

On My Mind:
South Beach- finding fun new recipes & rediscovering old favorites (hot milk + sugar free vanilla syrup + a tiny squirt of whipped cream + a dash of cinnamon plus)

to be more patient and loving

to treat my body better- my name is Kristi, and I am a carb addict!

a new ironing board cover

Earthquake cake trifle (I originally made Sophia’s recipe, only using storebought frosting, it looked awful and it was for my sorority night, so I quickly turned it into a trifle, layering the cake, homemade cream cheese frosting and a crushed Hershey bar with almonds (I didn’t try it so I don’t know if it tasted ok, but I know it looked much better!)

Looking Forward To:
my sorority scrapbook night

the Jane Austen compilation on PBS- starting this Sunday

Having my parents home for a short visit

my afternoons with Genna

Amused By:
Grandpa and the kids bowling

Connor trying to win some sort of spelling contest- he has to use a thesaurus to rewrite sentences using his weekly spelling words. He prides himself on trying to find words his teacher has never heard of. Last night he picked brobdingangian to replace huge.

The birds in my backyard.

Monday, January 07, 2008


Tonight was a fun Cub Scout meeting. The boys had to perform a monologue for their Webelos Showman badge. I got roped into leading this topic when Troy ratted me out that I was involved in Drama in high school.

Jameson picked

Recipe for a Hippopotamus Sandwich by Shel Silverstein

A hippo sandwich is easy to make.All you do is simply take One slice of bread,One slice of cake,Some mayonnaise,One onion ring,One hippopotamus,One piece of string,A dash of pepper--That ought to do it.And now comes the problem...Biting into it!

So we made a little stuffed hippo for his sandwich. I worked on sewing him while Jameson got the rest of his ingredients together.

Connor picked

by Shel Silverstein
I made myself a snowball
As perfect as could be.
I thought I'd keep it as a pet
And let it sleep with me.

I made it some pajamas
And a pillow for its head.
Then last night it ran away,
But first- it wet the bed

Here are the "props" we came up with for Connor's performance. A very kind soul over at 2peas helped me get the pajamas pasted into the picture.

Both boys did a great job and I think they had a lot of fun!

Friday, January 04, 2008

Catching Up/Creating

Ok, so far on the creative front this year, it has been all scrapbook pages. I know I will never be caught up, but I am trying to make a dent in some of the major events from last year. For January, I am going to try and do at least 1 page a day. I have done a horrible job at getting my pictures printed up. I got some awesome photo paper at Michael's today and I am going to print up a few on my own here at home. Amber & Cheryl- you can play I spy and see if you can find elements on my pages that you gave me.

Here are the ones I've finished so far...