Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

Santa's Elves were up much later than expected- some assembly required took about 2 hours

The boys were excited to get Band Hero and Genna loves her new Barbie House

Stocking Stuffers

Mosby really got into opening his presents this year

Genna got a dog she named Snowball, her very own lego set, the Alvin & the Chipmunks movie

Connor got a new adidas sweatshirt, the book Fablehaven & a case for his DS

Jameson got a bomber hat, a gym bag & a new battery charger for his camera

Sorry about the scary picture- as you can see I was completely spoiled

Troy got a new coat & gloves, his standard white shirt & black socks, & a couple of the Office seasons

We woke up to huge drifts everywhere. Since our road wasn't plowed until the next day and I was up all night sick, we just stayed at home, which was definitely different for us.

our neighbors house

The day was spent in our new pj's, rocking out, watching movies and just being together. Thankfully, I had spent the whole day before making food- so while I was in bed, my family didn't go hungry. Troy did have to fend for himself to make the frosting to go on the almond rolls I had made- but besides that there was plenty to eat.

It was a different but happy Christmas

Christmas Eve 2009

decorations compliments of Genna

gingerbread house crafted by Genna & Jameson

the rice pudding

blizzard conditions

sweet boy who went out to shovel of his own accord

nativity reenactment

Grandma is the narrator

new jammies

so weird the tree fell down as we were doing our jammie photo shoot

Me & my sweetie!

Cookies for Santa

Not pictured but still part of our celebration lots of Christmas carols were sung and "Twas the Night Before Christmas" was read before tucking the children into bed

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Can Come Now...

Cards and packages have been mailed

we attended my sorority Christmas party

poor Troy- I was in charge of the games

we've had snow(and are expecting a foot more)

neighbor gifts were delivered(along with the festive mexican dip mix and chips we performed a rousing rendition of Feliz Navidad 15 times)

goodies were made(pb blobs, chex mix, puppy chow and dipped pretzels) & delivered for church friends

Christmas concerts & plays were performed
(6th grade band)

(Jr. High Vocal)

(Jr. High Band)

(Christmas program @ Unadilla)

thanks Hannah for borrowing Connor the pajamas!

Santa was visited at the Ward Christmas party

traditional Norwegian Lefse was made

old favorites were baked

new recipes tried out
frito candy

the presents are all wrapped- all that's left is a little work for the elves on Christmas eve

the gingerbread display was visited in Omaha

Festive attire has been donned

a memorable night was spent with friends at the Lofte's prodution of UhOh Here's Comes Christmas

carols were sung as we delivered goodies plates to ward members

lights were looked at

In the hustle and bustle of this busy season, we are grateful for those moments that we can reflect on the true meaning of Christmas- the birth of our dear Savior

the merriest of Christmas wishes from our house to yours!