Friday, March 20, 2009

A funny

I have forced myself to sit down at the computer for a few minutes. Paying bills and other related fun stuff was on the agenda. While I am here, I have to share a quick funny from Genna last night.

We were in the car last night at the gas station. Genna asked if I could see anything black on her tongue. I said that no, I couldn't. Then she asked to see my tongue. She couldn't see anything black on my tongue, either. I asked what she was looking for. Serious as could be, she replied, "taste bugs." We got a good chuckle out of her sweet curiousity.

Knock on wood, I will get caught up on some blog posts tomorrow, since we have nothing on the schedule, which is an amazing feat for a Saturday in our house.

Monday, March 02, 2009


I do want to apologize for my long blog break. I have neglected my poor computer and all those I keep in touch with electronically. It really has been a busy month and I will try to catch you all up on what's been going on.

The good news is that less computer meant more time spent with my family. We did 7 different puzzles this past month. It was relaxing and actually quite addictive.

If you'll just be patient with me a bit longer, I'll post about our busy February.

Pinewood Derby

Our Cub Scout days are quickly drawing to a close. Yesterday we participated in our last Pinewood Derby. It should have been our easiest year ever, especially since Connor quickly decided on the same exact design he has done the past 2 years, but somehow it ended up being one of the most challenging years. We had trouble with paint not wanting to dry and wheels that kept going in crooked. Then there were Genna's butterfly wings. We had to clip them down a bit so they would fit underneath the sensor bar on the track. As usual we were putting on the finishing touches, only hours before the weigh in. Despite all the difficulties, everyone was happy with how the races went.

Connor won first place in his Den with his rocket car

Jameson worked really hard on his vintage 7up can car

Genna got the cinder block award for the car that took the longest to get down the track