Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Baseball Birthday

For Jameson's 10th birthday we decided to have a baseball birthday party. We thought it was fitting for his interests this summer. It seems like we are either coming or going to a ball practise or game.

With much excitement we ordered tickets for a Lincoln Saltdog's baseball game and started making the other arrangements. Jameson invited 4 friends along- Hunter, Trey, Coleman and Aaron. You may remember at Connor's spy party that Aaron's Mom, Cheryl, my good friend, helped me out a TON. Well, Cheryl came to my rescue again and helped drive all the birthday kids up.

We met at Oak Park, which is really near Haymarket Park Stadium and had a picnic with hotdogs, chips, watermelon and baseball cupcakes. We had planned to play a quick game of baseball, but when we drove by the time & temperature sign and saw that it said 104, we decided to stay in the shade and just eat and open presents.

We then headed over to the stadium and got our spot on the 1st base berm. While the girls held down on blankets, the boys all went over to find some players. They were able to get 2 autographs.

We then watched the game and loved all the fun mini games they did between innings. The Saltdog's played a great game against the St. Paul Saints and won 12 to 0. Afterwards the boys and Genna got to run the bases- which for Jameson was one of his favorite part of the whole night.
They then shot of an awesome display of fireworks- which was a perfect ending to a great night. We drove the boys home listening to the Cars Soundtrack and thinking up funny Cars nicknames for the boys. I thought it was a wonderful party. I know that material things are not the way to show love to your children, but I hope that Jameson had a special night because he is truly loved! Posted by Picasa

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Carin said...

Sounds like a blast! I love your cupcakes.
Wanta do my kids b-days ;O)