Monday, October 30, 2006

Fall Fun

We've had a lot going on the past few weeks. The boys had the past 2 Friday's off from school and so we have tried to plan some fun things for those days. On the 20th, we went out for a yummy lunch with Grandpa & Grandma Koski. They flew(drove) south(AZ) for the winter. We are going to miss them a lot! That night, all the boys went camping. It was a wonderful evening for it, until the rain hit. They came home quite soggy! The next night, we all dressed up for a Halloween party. Troy was a hip 70's dude and I won a prize for being the scariest! We had parent teacher conferences this last week and got great reports for both boys. Connor needs to work a little harder at not getting distracted so he can keep up the good work he is capable of. Last Thursday, Genna had a fall party at school, they made dirt cups and played a touchy feely guessing game. I was glad Elizabeth and I could attend. On the 27th, the kids and I went up to the Children's Museum in Lincoln. We hadn't been there for a while. We all had such a fun time! Tonight we carved our pumpkins for Family Home Evening- they all turned out pretty cool! Tomorrow both boys have Halloween parties at school and then trick or treating tomorrow night. I am not looking forward to the chilly weather that is expected. Maybe the sugar high we have will be enough to keep us moving so we don't get quite as cold. Happy Halloween! Posted by Picasa

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Holly said...

Fun stuff, KB! Love the costumes you and Troy came up with!! Hope your kids have a good Halloween! :o)