Monday, June 23, 2008

First Class

Jameson had a great week at Camp Cornhusker. I was amazed to see the changes in him in just shy of a week. He got almost all of his requirements done for the trail to First Class scout. He also completed his swimming and rifle shooting merit badges. Thankfully there was only one severe thunderstorm that went through their camp the whole week long. That was definitely an answer to prayers considering all the severe weather we've had for the past month here in Nebraska. We all got to go down on Friday night to eat dinner with him and watch their campfire program that evening. We watched as they retired the flags that were half mast all week because of the 4 Scouts who lost their lives. I am really glad he got a chance to go, but I am so happy that the week is over and that he is back safe at home.


Amber M. said...

Looks like an awesome week. I'm so glad they had okay weather and were safe.

Kristi said...

I'm glad he had a fun, safe week at Camp. You have definitely had some crazy weather out there! Hope the worst of it has passed. :)