Monday, August 17, 2009

1st Day of School 2009

Well ready or not, school started today.

15 Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches for the freezer- check

New Shoes- check

New Backpacks- check

The annual photo on the front porch- check

Can't believe I have kids at 3 different schools this year

Genna's the only one at the elementary in 1st Grade

Connor will ride the bus this year to Unadilla for 6th grade

My big 7th grader who is up at the high school


Andrea said...

wow- your school starts early. Everyone looks good with their new school stuff. Fun!

Amy said...

Isn't it good to get back into the "groove" of things?! We just had our Open House today and school starts on Wednesday! Where did summer go??

MamaBug said...

I had never thought to freeze PB sandwiches for a week. Hmm...

They look great!

Why do you have a 7th grader at the high school? They don't start high school in 7th grade, do they?

Cheryl H. said...

Great to see a post again! And great pics! I wasn't allowed to take a picture at school this year, so had to do it at home.

Amber M. said...

Can it be that time again already?? Wasn't it just really cold in NE??

Missing you so much.