Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Fall at our house

Yep, it's definitely fall around here...

mums & pumpkins welcome you to our house

several large acorns now reside in the bowl on my table

yummy fall food is baking in the oven(mini caramel apple pies & stuffed squash)

hot cups of herbal tea & muffins can be found near the computer

a harvest moon rises as I do the dishes after dinner

Puzzles are being completed at a faster rate than the ones lingering for weeks on end during the summer

my snowbird parents are getting ready to fly south for the winter

Connor has grown a mustache

I drive around oohing and aahing at the gorgeous colors

I did resist the urge to go crunching through these leaves on my parents street since I had to get back and pick up the kids from school

snow is falling on the lawn furniture- ok, thankfully that isn't typical and hopefully mother nature has that out of her system for another month or more


Anonymous said...

I LOVE the acorns! Where did you get them? I second the idea that the snow needs to hold off, at least until next week! NOT ON FRIDAY!!!! See you soon!

Amy said...

I so love fall also. Connor's mustache is very festive too!

Kristi said...

mmmm.... such a cozy post. I love peeking into your house and your life. Can I have the recipe for your stuffed squash?

Once again, have you considered moving to Utah? I really, really, really want you to be my neighbor!!!!

MamaBug said...

Love the leaves and the harvest moon!!

beckbot said...

ooh, I want to visit you! Love your black table!

Andrea said...

I love your moon view. Nice! And the table. And the pumpkins. And muffins. And those leaves. And those trees. Ok.. I love it all. Well, except the snow. We have enough here.

The Hathcock 3 said...

Oh, Kristi! Your fall is so lovely. We are still in the high 80's and I long for the cooler weather. Such beautiful pictures. Hope you are all well and good!