Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Middle of March Update

Many a sunrise has came and went since I last blogged.

Here's a little of what we've been up to...

Jameson played on the Twin Rivers league and really had a great time

Connor is now one of the taller boys on his team


yes- that is up to the top of our grill

and more snow


a puppy who has lived on the top step most of the winter b/c it was too cold for him to be in the garage

Connor's 12th birthday

(It's pretty cool to see both of my boys passing the sacrament each week.)

A fun date night to the play Little House on the Prairie where Melissa Gilbert played Ma. Bad picture taken from a moving vehicle while it was raining

Jr. High 80's dance

Valentine's Day
chairing Genna's class party at school

stack the sweethearts game

dinner at the Outback and then to the Stake dance with my sweetie

Our family dinner~
The table was set despite all of our cloth napkins and tableclothes being in storage

Fondue after our family dinner

I sure love these kids!!

Card Genna made

Connor's note

Jameson's made these

Put an offer in on this house- sniff, sniff, they wouldn't accept it with the contigency of selling our house

February Decorations


my system

after a shopping trip where I spent about $14

getting a stockpile

We watched Troy's sisters kids a few times and had a ball with Seth- he is such a cutie!

Currently reading: The Mitford series and the Percy Jackson series- on the last book of each of them

March "decorations" I think I am going to paint this table black

I can't tell you how happy these 2 little flowers made me when I discovered them today

that and some blue skies are doing wonders after a long gray winter

Thanks for reading this whole post- and sorry about the lack of big pictures


Amy said...

Haven't heard from you in a while. Looks like you've been busy!

Happy Spring! I think it might be here...well, except for the snow Friday! Okay, what am I thinking?! :) I'm ready for some nice weather!

Erica said...

Ok I think you need to teach me your couponing system- that looks so cool and like you're getting a lot for your money.

Kristi said...

Great update - I loved it!
You've been busy, and happy. Your patience for puzzles is impressive to me.

As always I love your decor,and your celebration ideas.

Fun play! So cool to see Lara Gilbert as Ma!

I'm jealous of your lovely snow, it's been so dry here... oh, and your beautiful sunsets.

I'm also impressed with your couponing! One of these days I have got to make that a priority.

That house is beyond adorable! I'm crossing my fingers it will work out for you. Any nibbles on your house?

rebecca said...

I *love* that you want to paint that table black! I haven't seen your house but you seem to like to paint things black. (I do, too).

Anonymous said...

Great summary of all the stuff you guys have been doing. Now I understand why there hasn't been an blog entry in so long . . . you guys have been so busy! :) I love the house you guys put a bid on, we have our fingers crossed! Either way we know you guys will get what's right! I just hope, like you I'm sure, that you get that house after all of this!

Freer Family said...

Great update! So you guys are moving again? Good luck with selling your house. I can't believe both boys are in young men's now. Wow! Time flies! I would have loved LOVED the Little House play! Fun!

Kristi said...

Hey friend - time to update!

Sneak in a post when you have a minute, I'm wondering what is up in your world.