Friday, June 09, 2006

Swimmers Take Your Mark

I am really proud of my boys! They had a swim meet Monday night and they both swam GREAT!

I know they don't always feel like swimming for an hour a day for practise, but they do it anyway. It is such great exercise and has really made them into strong swimmers.

It was only two years ago, but I still remember the first time Connor swam the whole length of the pool and had to stop on the side part way through. Monday night he got 4 first place ribbons and a heat winner ribbon.

With my boys being so close in age, there is a lot of competition between them. So naturally, Jameson was a little upset that he didn't get as many blue ribbons as his brother. Even though we explained it to him, he didn't understand that he swam in fewer events, against twice as many boys as Connor did. So getting, 2 6th place ribbons, a 3rd place and 1st place ribbons is nothing to be ashamed of.

Like I said, I am extremely proud of Jameson and Connor. They work hard everyday swimming and it paid off at their meet on Monday. But I hope they know that even if they hadn't brought home any ribbons I would be just as pleased with the efforts that they have put into swimming. Love you boys! Posted by Picasa


Becky said...

That's so cool! Congrats to the boys!

Holly said...

Yay...good for you boys!