Saturday, September 16, 2006

24-7 Tag

Well, I read my friend April's blog today and she issued a challenge for people to look in their blog archives for the 7th sentence from their 24th post. I just realised that I goofed up when searching my archives. I searched back 24 posts and ran with what I found.

The sentence was, "They dug the basement yesterday and they poured the footings today." That was on February 23rd.

This picture shows the completed house. They had it finished by the middle of May- including sod. Our neighbor didn't move in until July. I think I have seen him 3 times. In this picture they were working on the walls of the next house down when it was taken about a month ago. It is all framed and they are currently working on roofing the next one.

I guess I am over the fact that the lot next door could have been mine- but now I have a beef with all the construction on our street. It is kind of crazy to weave in between all the vehicles of all the different workers on our street. It will be nice to get back to normal when this house and the one across from it are completed. Unfortunately, there is one lot left. But they wouldn't dare sell that would they, it has my friend Amber's name written all over it.

So here's my tag- if you have a blog- find the 24th post and share the 7th sentence. Posted by Picasa

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