Monday, April 21, 2008

It's been 22 days?

Wow, I can't believe how the time has gotten away from me. We've been busy as usual and spending more and more time outside.

Here are 22 things we've been up to...

1. Sports~the boys are doing track, soccer and baseball right now. This is the year Connor and Jameson are not on the same team and so we've got twice the baseball practices to run to.

2.Being sick~Genna had a nasty stomach bug and then we found out last week, her and Jameson both had pneumonia. Not the kind you need to hospitalized for, but still there were breathing treatments and antibiotics for the both of them.

3.Gardening~I've got peas and onions coming up. I bought a huge tomato plant at the grocery store yesterday. You should see the difference compared to my little plants on the top of my fridge that I've been babying along.

4.Watching the birds~it is so wonderful to wake up to the birds singing and the sun shining. We've enjoyed quite a few goldfinches at our feeder this spring. And our bluebird couple are working on a batch of eggs in their nest.

5.A music concert~ a few weeks ago, Jameson and Connor has a vocal and band concert. Jameson played his trumpet of course, and Connor played his recorder. They both did a great job.

6.Reading~let's see I've read Still Life with Chickens, Marley and Me, the first 2 Little House books, The Bean Trees, and a whole slew of gardening books.

7.Watching~Troy and I are totally hooked on the Office, I more admittedly than, he. I watched all of season 3, thank you instant watching Netflix, in just a couple of days.

8.Our own farm field trips~ We saw a baby calf at Cheryl's, baby goats at the Porter's and about 60 chickens at the place down the road from Tiffany's. I am more and more interested in this rural community where we live. I am very thankful for the little farmers who struggle and make a living by providing for the food that we eat every day.

9.Composting~I finally got a bin started, back behind the trees. No more bucket in the kitchen or even outside the back door. Not sure I have my ratios right yet, but I am sure I'll get there. I've got a lot of weeds growing around here.

10.Cameras stuff~I had to send my camera in for a warranty repair and then I ordered a new battery charger. The one I bought in December has already broken. I was so disappointed to find the one I just ordered on Ebay didn't work when I received it, except for in the car. I tried contacting the power seller, but found out he was no longer a registered user on Ebay. Thankfully, he did respond to my emails and is sending me another power cord that hopefully will remedy the problem. I've missed taking lots of pictures.

11. Subbing~thankfully school will be out in about a month. I enjoy working in the schools, but I will be thankful to have my summer off too!

12.Haircuts~ Genna and I both got new doo's last week.

13.Molting~one of Connor's hermit crabs is finally molting. This is a good thing, they can't live very long without molting, but Connor is worried that she won't survive- they dig down and molt underneath the sand.

14. Spring Cleaning~ok, so honestly, this one hasn't happened as much as I would like it to. I've thought a lot about it, but my storage room and garage still need some desperate attention.

15. Cub Scouts~we are almost finished with the craftsman badge, but Troy and I have to get 2 more wood projects cut out for 7 boys so we can get it done.

16. Movies~we saw College Road Trip the other day as a family- it was pretty cute. Just watched Becoming Jane last night. Troy stayed awake for the whole movie- which was amazing, considering it was one of "my kind of movies".

17.Anniversary plans~16 years! We are not doing anything elaborate this year, just a night away and plans to go see a musical variety show at a local theater. Troy wanted to go to Nauvoo again, but this year, I wanted to stay closer to home and spend a little less money.

18.Buying bread again~when the weather gets warmer and we are running more often, the last thing I want to do is be chained to my kitchen for 3 hours. I think the fact that I never really got in a good rhythm. I was really happy with the bread I could produce 1 loaf at a time, using my bread machine for the dough. But using the Bosch and trying to make several loaves at once, didn't work out as good for me- it was either too dry or had a wet spot in the middle, I never found that happy medium.

19.Laundry~ I did make my own laundry detergent for the first time. I am still line drying almost all our clothes, but I am avoiding the outside for anything besides jeans because of the pollens that are already in the air.

20. Manual labor~we are going to get chickens out at my SIL, Tiffany's, house. She lives on the farm where Troy grew up. Unfortunately most of the old buildings and farm equipment are all still there, only in obvious disrepair. So Tiff and I tore down an old hog shed all by ourselves. We were pretty proud of ourselves- it was a lot of work, but now we had a cement slab where we can put the chicken house.

21.Research~I've been reading everything I can about getting set up for chickens. We are going to get an old brooder house from my friend Cheryl's property. It will be quite the adventure moving it and then it will need some repair work- a new roof etc, then there is the fence to worry about.

22.635 Blogs to read. Yep, that's how many built up on my Bloglines. I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to comment on any, but I did try and read quite a few of those, which of course, took up a good chunk of time. I hope to be back to a regular routine of blogging here soon!


Amber M. said...

Can't tell you how happy I was to see a new post from you this morning! I'm so sad we didn't get a chance to get together before our trip to SLC, but I'll explain that all next time we get together.

You amaze me. You decide you want to do something and you read a book...and then do it. So glad you are my friend.

Freer Family said...

Ok, I forgive you for waiting 22 days to post since you have been so busy being amazing and productive. You always inspire me to do more and to do better. :)

Kristi said...

Wow! You have been busy. I loved reading this post. You are always doing good, productive things. You are a wonder! I'm glad you're back in blog land. You were missed. :)

Andrea said...

Wow- that's a lot of stuff you've been up to.
Can't wait to hear more about your chicken adventures.

Erin said...

Kristi - You are amazing! That is quite the list that you have accomplished. I have 2 great recipes for the Bosch when you ready to try it again. I absolutely love mine. Glad to see you blogging again.

Marisa said...

I'm just glad you're among the living. I worried there for a little while. I'd love to see a picture of you girls new do's.