Tuesday, June 16, 2009


We had a wonderful trip to Branson. It was a little crazy because we went just a week after school got out, but everything turned out great.

We drove down to Kansas to spend a few days with my sister at the beginning of our vacation. We all had fun relaxing, making pasties, and the part the kids like best- playing with their cousins.

We really enjoyed the condo we stayed in. The boys had their own room bedroom and bathroom and we had a nice little kitchenette to eat meals in.

To help cushion the cost of vacation, we did eat at least 2 meals at our condo or bring a prepared picnic along with us. We did find some other really fun places to eat:

Branson is famous for it's shows and so we had to go see for ourselves. We saw

Kirby Van Burch's magic show- we all were amazed

Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede- this one is dinner and a show- totally worth the money

The Hughes Brothers- an LDS family act- such nice people- we actually stayed and talked to them for a 1/2 hour after the show

The Haygoods- really talented family- the best music show we saw

GAC nights @ Silver Dollar City-

Speaking of Silver Dollar City- we spent 2 days there and had a blast!

We rode rides

One time where we should have taken them up on their photo

And walked through Marvel Cave

We spent a day at White Water

We rode the ducks- one of my favorite things that we did on our trip

We rode the go carts

With all the coming and going we made sure to relax as well-

there were bubble baths

the boys golfed

while the girls got pedicures- it was Genna's first, she loved it!

I even managed to do a puzzle and read 4 books.

Branson is a gorgeous place-

Lake Taneycomo- we drove over this everyday to get into town

Table Rock Lake

I'm sure we'll go back soon.


Amy said...

That sounds like an incredible vacation! Branson is a great place to take a family! I think it was one of our better ones. We went in Summer '05 and loved riding those ducks!

Cheryl H. said...

Great pictures - sounds like you had a wonderful time!

The Frosts said...

What a fun vacation for your family! I know one of the Hughes brothers from my mission. He helped convert a girl we taught and they later got married (and divorced - ugh). Glad to see their act is still going strong!

Also, I'm SO impressed with your square foot gardening. It all looks amazing and I think you'll really like it. My parents have been using that technique for about 15 years and it is amazing!

Kassie said...

Wow, that brings back memories for me. My DH grew up in Springfield and he talks about Table Rock Lake and Silver Dollar City a lot. We spent some time in Branson a few years ago and it was a blast.
Glad you had a good vacation.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had so much fun! See you sunday!:)

The Hathcock 3 said...

What a fun vacation! It is so nice to go out and do something enjoyable all together. Branson looks gorgeous! Your garden is wonderful too. I am hoping next year to do the same. Great inspiration. Glad to hear from you. :)

Kristi said...

so glad you are blogging again... yay!

Your trip looks incredible! Your family is so cute, and you are always doing such fun things together. :)

Freer Family said...

WHat a fabulous vacation! Looks like a good time was had by all!

Anonymous said...

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