Monday, October 24, 2005

That is me sighing with huge relief that our Sacrament Meeting presentation is finished for another year. The kids all did such a great job. For his part, one little Sunbeam was asked, Timothy, what do we come to earth to get? He quickly replied, "a happy birthday." Jameson and Connor both did a wonderful job giving their parts! I am very proud of them and all the other children. Grandma and Grandma Koski were able to come down and watch and I know that meant a lot to the boys and to me.

I was reading in a book I got recently about contentment. The author spoke about how she would pass by this beautifully manicured lawn and how she saw the owner sitting on his porch looking so content. Now obviously his lawn did not look the way it did by him spending all his time sitting on the porch. One reason he probably looked so content, was because he had put a lot of hard work and effort into his lawn and now he was able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor. That is how I felt after this day was over. The program was the beautiful fruit of all of our hard work and efforts of this past year in Primary. I am so grateful for my calling. The children truly teach me every week. And even though, I am taking a moment to sit back on the porch and be content for a moment. I look forward to getting back out there next week and starting the work all over again.

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Amy B. said...

the primary program is always one of my favorite sacrement meetings. glad yours went so well!