Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wild Animal Kingdom

Remember the days before Discovery Channel and Animal Planet? Over the last month, we have had quite the wildlife show right in our very backyard. It all started with what I thought was a squirrel in the top of one of our evergreen trees that turned out to be 2 sleeping RACCOONS. Then the Sunday before last, we were cleaning up from lunch when we thought we saw another raccoon by our electrical box. It turned out to be a BADGER. Now that was a littel scary, because I've heard they can be pretty mean animals. We had just went downstairs to verify on the computer that it was indeed a badger that we had seen, when Connor comes down exclaiming that now there was a FOX out in the field. Wow, we had lived in our house for almost 2 years and not seen even a deer.

Anyway, cut to today when I was getting ready for lunch. I was looking out the window and happened to notice something moving in the field. I thought at first it might be my neighbor's dog that often gets out. With closer inspection, I realized it was a cat, but definitely not any of the ones that typically roam around here. I was excited and terrified to recognize that it was a BOBCAT. I was able to take a few photos. I didn't dare go out to the edge of my property to get a better picture. It hung around our area for about 2 and a half hours more. My neighbor was able to get within 15 feet of it before it saw him and ran away. I was able to talk with the Game and Parks Warden and he said that we didn't really have anything to worry about unless it hung around for a longer period of time. He said that they are typically very shy, low profile animals. He said we should count ourselves lucky to have been able to get the glimpse of the one that we did. Reasurring as it was, to talk with him for a while, I still have to admit, I am a little leary about sending the kids out to play.

I truly do love nature and I feel blessed to have been priveleged to see some animals from my kitchen window that most never see even when traveling down the road. However, I hope I don't seem ungrateful for wishing that the next Wild Animal Kingdom episode that takes place in my backyard will be a deer or some other species without sharp teeth and claws.

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Becky said...

Wow! Great shots of it, though! I would be a little nervous, too!