Wednesday, March 08, 2006

More games

It is a good thing people tag me or I would never get around to blogging some weeks. I was tagged by Marilyn.

Three things you wish for:

  1. That I didn’t have to worry about money
  2. that my children would be the best of friends
  3. that houses would come with a self clean button

3 Things You Would Do To/For Yourself If There Was No One To Judge You (…or if you had the guts to do it!)

  1. Have Lazer eye surgery
  2. Have some cosmetic procedures done including Liposuction- there are areas of my body that will never look good without this
  3. Say bye-bye to the fun varicose veins that I inherited

3 Bad Habits You Have

1. Spending too much money- I am not a good saver, I don’t have a stopping off place in my checkbook where I don’t spend anymore- except for when it is in the red

2. Letting myself get annoyed with people for silly reasons

3. Almost always having a messy office- it usually takes 20 minutes to clean, but I put it off for days at a time

3 Insecurities You Feel

1. I am always afraid people are judging my mothering skills by my children’s actions

2. That my clothes aren’t good enough- I guess this dates back to the days of not owning a pair of Guess jeans when everyone else did- however, as an adult I am not willing to fork over the $$ to make my clothes good enough- I’d rather stay home with my kids

3. See above- that I am making a mess of my families’ finances

3 Talents/Skills You Wish You Had

1. organization- I can fake it for a while, but I always gravitate back to chaos

2. wittiness and a better sense of humor

3. patience with my children- I wish I could say I was a Mom who never yelled at their kids- but I don’t handle stress well

3 Things That You Would Do If You Had More Time(most of the stuff I want to do is more contigent on having $$, I think you make time for the stuff you really want to do- so if I had more $$, I would….)

1. go back to school and renew my teaching certificate

2. go to more plays and cultural events

3. build shelves in my garage and storage room

3 Things That Bring You Peace/Relaxation

  1. reading a good book
  2. snuggling up in bed with the remote in MY hand
  3. definitely a quiet house after the kids are alseep

3 Things That Spark Your Creativity

  1. walking through a scrapbook store and seeing fun new products
  2. the garden at 2peas
  3. looking through my pictures

I tag:

1. Amy Grendell

2. Becky Thompson

3. April Peterson


April said...

Fun answers!
I'm answering this today. :)

Becky said...

Fun, Kristi! I just answered today, too! :)