Thursday, July 03, 2008

Checked off the list...

Swim team- ok, so it technically isn't over till next week, but my boys can't go to the last meet and so I think we are done for the year.

Jameson's birthday party (it is always so hard to find time to get this done between ball tournaments and swim meets.)

Get to the pool- Jameson's party also fulfilled Genna's daily request to go swimming. Because of games and bad weather, this was only her second time to the pool this year.

Make up rounds for golf league while we are on vacation.

A couple of furniture projects. Remember this piece? I decided to add it on top of a little cabinet I got for $5 at a sale. Then I set it by my $1.50 chair. Four cans of spray paint and 3 sheets of sandpaper later I was finished. The chair needed something and so I pieced together a casing for one of my existing pillows after being inspired by the pillow in the 3rd picture down in this post. I find myself inspired a lot when I visit her blog. You should check it out~ V and Co. I still need to add hardware onto the cabinet and fill in the spaces. What would you put in there?

Eat yellow carrots.

(ok, so maybe that last one wasn't really on my to do list, lol!)

Today's list-
boring stuff like laundry and housecleaning


V & Co. said...

thank you for your kind words! and thank you for liking what i do. i find inspiration in others all the time, so i am more than happy to do it for others! happy sewing and decorating!

Amber M. said...

LOVE that blog...I've never seen it before, but will be visiting again soon.

Your cabinet turned out so cute...and that pillow? Loving it!

Kristi said...

You are so good about getting your kids involved in things and moving! Those swimming pictures look so cool and refreshing. Love what you did with your furniture finds. Maybe some flat, open baskets in the slots? It might be hard to find just the right sizes... I've never even heard of yellow carrots?!

MOM said...

Cool action shots Kristi. You always take such good pictures!! Love you

At Home In Georgia said...

Hi, I am Amber's friend Jeni. Your blog is so pretty. I love the pillow and that stitchery on that cute cute chair!