Tuesday, August 19, 2008

First Day of School

Wow, I can't believe summer is over and it is time for school again.

I forgot in my mega post to mention our school shopping excursion. We took a few days and went to Lincoln to get all the necessary supplies. This year, I gave my kids an envelope, their list of required supplies, a set amount of money and then they had to do their own shopping. It worked out wonderfully. I was no longer the bad guy because I wouldn't let them get everything that they wanted. They realized that when you have a budget, you are going to have to really thing about what you are buying. They all decided to use their backpacks from last year, in order to spend more on the clothes that they wanted to get.

Anyway, back to the first day of school. It is so nice to get back into a regular routine. I have to tell you, we fail pretty miserably at having any sort of a schedule during the summertime. Of course, with the fairs still going on the week before school starts, we didn't do a great job of practicing getting up early and it was a little bit of a challenge.

But despite a slow start, everyone was ready to go back to school. Genna especially. She has Mrs. Sweat this year, who was also Connor's Kindergarten teacher. Jameson is in 6th Grade and is no longer at the same building as the other two kids. He gets to ride the bus over to Unadilla, which is also a new experience for him.

In order to help this transition time, I did a few things to make it easier on the kids.

I made a lunch container for each of them in the pantry. My kids take their lunch all but 1 day a week. Hopefully it will be easy for them to pull out their container, pick out a few things, make a sandwich and call it good. Right now, there is a lot of prepackaged stuff- fishy crackers, applesauce, juice boxes, fruit snacks. I am also hoping this will help the battles over who gets the last pudding cup, since I am dividing them up evenly when I stock their container.

I also made up a little job station with sticks that will help them remember after school what needs to be done. It will be a good way for me to monitor what is being done as well. There are pictures on the end of Genna's sticks. We also decided to give the kids a weekly allowance, which is in the white envelopes. That way they'll be able to have their own money to buy an ice cream after lunch, save up and buy a State Football t-shirt or whatever they decide to spend it on. I read in a book about how our children will never learn to be responsible with money, if they don't have experiences with it.

Anyway, it is really quiet in my house now. Thankfully, I have lots of projects to keep me busy. I sub for the first time tomorrow and I am hoping I can sneak down and eat lunch with one of my kids.


Wendy Sue said...

Just look at those cute kiddos!! Love the sleeping picture - so funny. I wonder if I'm related to Genna's teacher...my maiden name is Sweat. ;)

Amber M. said...

BISHOP Bennett?? Holy cow! And so many other things to catch up on. LOVE all the darling pictures...Genna look so excited to be going to school.

Can't wait to see you!

Andrea said...

Love the lunch idea. And the job/ allowance baskets too. What do they do with the sticks? Do they put them somewhere when the jobs are done, and then go back for the next day??
I'd love to start something like that.
Wow- time alone in the day. Enjoy.

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Kristi said...

What cute school kids you have. :) Hope it's been a great first week for everyone.

As always I'm so impressed with your organization and great ideas.

The Frosts said...

Happy back to school! Your kids have gotten so big. Genna is adorable! I'm wondering what you keep in their lunch bins - I think this might be a good idea for me in my house. Your organization is amazing! Thanks for the ideas!

And congrats (maybe?) on Troy being the Bishop! He'll be great!

Montay said...

I found your Blog thru Ambers and I love your organizing ideas I am a mom witha bit of OCD and well when I see cute fun ways to do things it makes me so happy so thanks!!! Feel free to drop by the blog and say hi.