Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Instead of blogging this past month...

We went to Troy's 20 year class reunion. I even embarrassed myself on the golf course.

We had the Bennett family reunion the first Sunday in August. It was so nice to have Orin home from Iraq for a few weeks.

We took a trip to Kansas to visit my sister. We had such a nice time. Here are a few of the highlights..

We packed a lot into just a few short days. The kids had fun playing with Ashlyn, doing water balloons, having root beer floats in the cups like Grandma Olson's, washing the car, watching movies (Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Spiderwick Chronicles and Nim's Island), making these cookies, getting slushies at Sonic, and playing the new College Football game on the Wii. Lorilee and I had hopes of getting some sewing projects done, but instead we spend a lot of time looking at blogs, thrift store shopping and just hanging out.

When we got home we found that our chrysalis' had hatched. It was fun to watch these two beautiful black swallowtail butterflies take their first flight.

The day we got home we got a phone call to go and meet with the Stake President. More on that in another post.

Troy and his brother have a booth for their business in 4 county fairs and when we got back the Cass County fair was going on. Michelle and I run the booth during the days and then the guys take care of it at night. So I got back and worked 2 days at the Cass County fair and then got ready for the Otoe County fair.

During that time we snuck a night out as a family, because we knew with our schedule coming up, those would be far and few between. We had fun minature golfing up in Lincoln.

It was a lot of work getting ready for the Otoe County fair. Between the kids and I we entered 147 items in the fair and we made $213. I'll say it again, it was a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. The kids spent a day at Grandma's while I worked and she helped them get some of their blue ribbon entries together.

In between fairs, I was able to squeeze in an afternoon to go out with my good friends Cheryl and Tami. We went to Art Chicks in Louisville to celebrate my birthday. You dress up, have lunch and dance. It was seriously so much fun! Afterwards we went antique shopping and had a wonderful time.

The last day of the Otoe County fair is the parade and they do wrist bands for the rides. Troy, Connor and I marched in the parade with the Cub Scouts.

Then it was onto the rides. Thank goodness Genna had fun time riding because the boys both went on only a few rides and they got sick. We met up with Troy's Aunt June and his cousins who were also doing rides and had a fun afternoon together.

And to finish catching you up on last week a few things I don't have pictures of- Jameson had a wart removed- which ended up being a much bigger deal than we thought it was going to be. He had to miss his last golf league because he couldn't bend his elbow. Troy and I went to the funeral of Dean Bennett, one of his Dad's cousins. Suzie, his wife, is Genna's primary teacher. It was such a beautiful service. We are so sad for his family that they are missing him, but grateful that he is no longer suffering. And then we had a recruiting night at the swimming pool.

Phew, now you are all caught up until Sunday. Thanks for reading this mega post!


Kassie said...

that place you went for your birthday looks like fun. Cute glasses!
This was the first year my kids entered anything in the fair. they thought it was pretty cool to get a ribbon and some $$. I hope it motivates them to do more next year.

Andrea said...

Wow- what a fun month you've had.

Freer Family said...

Holy cow! You are the busiest family on the planet. Happy belated Bday! Looks like your summer was a blast!