Monday, December 14, 2009

Christmas Parade 2009

It was Genna's turn to hang the star. Does it look familiar? I found some new Christmas decorations on clearance last year but had never decided on a star so I painted last year's.

We had our traditional eggnog toast when we were finished decorating.

The magic happens when you turn off the lights for the first time.

This year since our house is on the market and we haven't had much interest we agreed to be part of the library Christmas parade of homes. We had 76 take the tour. We tried to have a little something in every room.

Master bed & bath

Genna's room

Connor's room

the hall bath- wrapping paper covering up Monet's Summer Day

the kitchen

the living room

my nativity collection- my favorite part of the Christmas decorations

Jameson's room- if you can't tell he has a nautical themed room

the office

the family room- you might notice Troy's contribution in the middle of the room- the old entertainment center and tv looked silly with the new stockings hung in the windowsills- we also got a real tree for the first time in Genna's life

and lastly the laundry & downstairs bath

Even though it was a lot of work to decorate it is so nice to have it all done and ready for Christmas.


Marisa said...

Looks Great!!

Vicki said...

awesome. I love the nautical Christmas tree!

Andrea said...

I love it! You have awesome decorations.
And a great looking house. I love how each room is decorated too according to the theme. So cool.
Do people just come look? Cool idea.

Kassie said...

Love it, Kristi. Why is your house for sale????
Where do you hide all the stuff that kids have? It looks like a model home.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so great! I am always amazed at all the things you get accomplished!

Kristi said...

Goodness girl! Your house looks amazing. :) I think the master bed/bath are my favorite, but everything looks so cute and cozy.
The quote above your Navitivies is just beautiful.

btw, thanks for the darling card. love it!

The Frosts said...

Oooohhhh Kristi! I ADORE it all. Your house looks amazing. I love it all but especially love your basement. You have amazing touches all throughout. Where are you moving? Are you guys building again?

Lorilee said...

I love it all! You did such an awesome job! Hopefully some of the people that came through were so impressed they will want to buy your house. Love ya!

Freer Family said...

I just have to join in and gush over your house. It is decorated so cute! I love your style, can you come decorate for me?