Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Pink Poodle Party

I am a lot behind in blogging but I wanted to get the pictures up from Genna's Pink Poodle Party. It was a lot of fun to plan and I think she had a great time.

Her party was after school on Friday November 20th. It was a giggly ride home. As soon as we got home I had a snack waiting for the girls. Genna's request was poptarts and pink milk.

After their snack they went and played for a bit in Genna's room and most of them changed into Genna's dresses she had hanging in her closet(her dress up clothes are still in storage).

We got the party started with an adoption ceremony. Each girl got to pick out a Lilkinz poodle and give it name. Genna named hers Coco.

There were games after that~

a version of hot potato with a dog bone(that we later gave to Mo) Connor helped us out by starting and stopping Who Let the Dogs Out

a bubblegum blowing contest-

pin the tail on the poodle

be the first to pop your balloon

We then went upstairs and decorated collars for their poodles.

After that we opened presents. Genna got a lot of nice things from her sweet friends.

Prizes for the games: pink whoppers, pink shimmer powder, a pink boa, fingernail polish, pink headbands and poodle stickers all found at the dollar store.

We then had dinner and poodle cupcakes.

It was a lot of work, but the giggles, smiles and squeals made it all worthwhile. It's hard to believe my little girl is 7. Genna we love you so much!


Amy said...

What a cool party! Wow! You really know how to throw a funny celebration!

Sounds like you've been keeping busy!

Andrea said...

What great ideas! Love it.

Kristi said...

What a cute party idea. :)

Anonymous said...

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