Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

Thanksgiving was a bit of a challenge this year for me as I was sick and doing a lot of subbing...

We managed to get the house cleaned and turkey and the fixings ready for all 33 of us. Sorry about the lack of pictures from the actual celebration- I'll blame it on my stuffed up head. The sad thing was I couldn't even taste my food. I think this was the first year I lost weight on Thanksgiving Day.

We got up the next morning bright and early and went down to visit my sister in KS. My kids were so thrilled to spend time with their cousins. Lorilee and I shopped, the guys watched football and the kids had a ball.

They just moved and so we were so excited to go and see them and their new home.

We exchanged gifts since we might not be able to get together at Christmas.

Despite the stress and business that went along with it- we truly were blessed to be with our families this year and feel so grateful for all the blessings in our lives.


Marisa said...

Oooo...I want Genna's present! Glad you were feeling well enough for the trip.

Kristi said...

Sorry to hear you were sick for Thanksgiving, no fair!

Your Sister's new house is beautiful. :)