Thursday, December 22, 2005

Gingerbread Houses

As my friend, April, pointed out, Christmas is only 3 days away. And while I can sigh a breath of relief that the presents are all wrapped, except 1, it still puts me into panic mode, knowing that I have only 3 days to make things perfect around here. I of course, want the house to be all sparkly clean and then I want to make- chocolate covered pretzels, maybe Rachael Ray's 5 minute fudge and then all the food for Christmas Eve & Christmas Day.

We are having Grilled Salmon, Cheesey/Funeral Potatoes, Green Bean Casserole and Rolls for dinner, Christmas Eve. Dessert will be rice pudding, warm from the oven with meringue on top. Yum! Christmas morning we always have almond coffee cake rolls, so I need to make those as well. Then for Christmas Day at Troy's sister's house, I am bringing Chicken Tortilla Soup, complete with Red & Green Tortilla chips, a relish tray, spinach artichoke dip, 7 layer taco dip and then something sweet- probably just some of the candy I make.

Anyway, I shouldn't probably waste any more time at the computer. But I did want to post a picture from the cool Gingerbread houses we saw on display last week. The details on this one were amazing. You'll have to click on the picture to make it bigger and check them out. The gum sled, the little shovels and pumpkins. It was very fun to look at.

Anyway, I am sure I won't get a chance to post again, so Merry Christmas one and all! Posted by Picasa


Carin said...

Merry Christmas Kristi!

April said...

Merry Christmas Kristi! Yummy sounding food!

Holly said...

All your food sounds divine! I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!! I got your cute card, and then on Christmas Eve, I got the one I sent you BACK (because I had the wrong address on it...oops!) My intentions were good though! So maybe next year, huh?! ;o) Merry Christmas!