Friday, December 02, 2005

Project of the Day

This was today's project. I brought it completely upon myself when I volunteered to make a cake for the 3rd grade's cake raffle. I went to Lincoln today and bought the gumballs, chocolate coins and red frosting. I know it is not a professional job by any means, and I stand in awe of their talents, but I was satisfied with how it turned out. Hopefully they were able to raise some money for new playground equipment.

Well, now it is on to tomorrow's project- decorating Santa's workshop for our Ward Christmas party. Not sure how it is going to all work out yet, but I spray painted a cardboard tube white and I am going to attempt to make it look North Pole-ish with some red ribbon. I let you know how it goes. Posted by Picasa

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MarilynH said...

Kristi---that cake is amazing!! Very creative--I hope it brought in a lot! I would buy it. :)