Monday, January 16, 2006

4 X 4

Thanks to Erin, AmyB & Erica for the tag! Fun game- althought not quite as fun to type out the 2nd time- I had this all typed up and my browser crashed.

4 jobs I've had in my life:
Salad Girl at Buffy’s Buffet- my first job
Telephone Surveyor at a Research Firm- the Exlax surveys were the WORST!
Custiodian at the BYU Law Library- 4am-8am shift- yucky!
Substitute Teacher- actually quite enjoying this a few days a month at the boys’ school!

4 movies I'd watch over and over:
Summer Magic w/ Hayley Mills
Savannah Smiles
Sense & Sensibility
13 Going on 30

4 places I've lived:
Austin, Minnesota
Lincoln, Nebraska
Provo, Utah
Syracuse, Nebraska

4 tv shows I love to watch:
Alias- the only show I faithfully watch
What Not to Wear
Decorating Cents
30 Minute Meals

4 places I've been on vacation:
Canada-Ottawa sticks out as my favorite from that vacation
Glacier National Park- in Montana & Canada- so beautiful!
Copper Harbor, Michigan & the rest of the Keewenaw Pennisula
Rapid City, SD & the Black Hills

4 websites I visit daily:
Various squirrely blogs
Alias Media
Two Peas
Pandora- thanks Becky!

4 favorite foods:
Pizza Hut Pizza
Devil’s Food Cake
Spinach & Artichoke Dip

4 places I'd rather be right now:
at the Scrapbook store w/ a filled punch card
at the library in Lincoln- so many books to choose from
at the movies with our whole family
snuggled up on the couch, with my sweetie watching Alias!

I think all my blogging friends have been tagged- but I would still love to see answers from-

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April said...

Mmmmmmm... Spinach & artichoke dip. Now I'm hungry.