Friday, March 02, 2007

Slip Sliding Away

We had another snow day here. The winds have not let up and there are a lot of drifts. Troy is currently pulling his brother out of some snow drift as I type. This morning after a game of hide and seek, it was all business around here. We got rooms vacuumed, bathrooms cleaned and renewed our acquaintance with our good friends Mr. Shampoo and Mrs. Wash Cloth.

After lunch we headed out as a family to the high school for some sledding. We all had a blast. The photos didn't turn out as good as I'd hoped, but it was so bright it was hard to tell while I was taking them. The snowboard was the favorite method of transport down the hill. Even Troy tried it out, but before I could take a picture he wiped out, lol!


Andrea said...

looks so fun. Wish we had snow days here but they never do- just lots of snow that needs to go away already.

Nikki said...

So fun! We had so much snow in our driveway that Danny and his two best helpers (Ethan and Gabby) shoveled it into the front yard in a big mound. And then they sledded down it. They were thrilled. I was worried about frostbite for them. It was negative 10. Poor Elijah watched from the window rejected and upset. If we had bundled him up enough, he wouldn't be able to walk because of how deep the snow was.