Monday, January 19, 2009

11 Years Old

I know I say it every time my kids have a birthday- but seriously, it always shocks me when their birthday rolls around and they are another year older.

Wasn't this just yesterday?

Connor's birthday was last Wednesday night. He got to open one present before school that day- it was a pair of green & black shorts. He wears shorts to school every day. Even when it is 0° out, much to his mother's dismay. Yes, he wears pants over them, but I know they are shed quite often when he gets to his locker.

After school he got to open the rest of his presents: a snowboard, another pair of shorts, a new sweatshirt, a mentos geyser tube & cola, a new football & a nintendo ds game(thank goodness for all the clearance sales going on right now!) We ate dinner at Pizza Hut that night and then he got to go to his first 11 year old scout meeting at church.

Friday night was his friends birthday party. He opted to have more friends over and not go anywhere. After finding a football tablecloth on clearance & getting a ton of Husker cups from the Nebraska football games, we decided on a football party. Everything else fell into place because there is a lot of fun football stuff out there right now because of the super bowl coming up soon.

Here are some details on the picture:

1. An outdoor football game started the party off.

2. Make your own sub sandwiches on little football shaped rolls.

3. Football party games included strengthening for your other arm (tossing the football through the hula hoop)

4. And the blindman's punt. We used medical tape to put field markings on the carpet. It was fun to see that without their blindfold the balloon didn't go much farther.

5. Cupcakes & chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream(Connor's favorite).

6. Opening presents. Not sure about Connor's shirt- I guess he was hot. The boys were all supposed to come wearing their favorite football team's jersey. He started off in his Husker shirt.

7. The last party game- shaving for the big game. They drew a face on the balloon & had to remove the shaving cream without popping the balloon. The boys were actually disappointed because it is actually quite hard to pop the balloon while shaving. They did manage to accomplish that in the end.

8.I spent a lot of time prepping these quarterback bobblehead dolls for the boys. Of course, it took much longer than the suggested hour to make this craft. It required hot glue so the boys basically only got to pick out their number for their jersey and wait while Troy & I glued them on. But despite the fact that it wasn't kid friendly, they turned out pretty cute!

9. & 10. Next we slowed things down with popcorn, oreos and a movie(Rudy, Remember the Titans & the Game Plan are the football movies we own). Connor is into comedy these days and so I'm sure he would have played the Game Plan, but alas only the case could be found. So they actually ended up watching Slappy & the Stinkers.

11. the Breakfast of Champions.

12. Treat cups to take home. Their were football cards inside and so they spent a good amount of time trading cards.

It was a really fun party- even though the boys were up later than Troy & I would have liked.


Lorilee said...

You're so good at planning parties. It almost makes me wish I was an 11 year old into football.

Kristi said...

Happy Birthday Connor! Your party planning skills are the bomb. Everything looks super fabulous and festive.

Amy said...

That was a terrific party! What fun to look at old scrapbook pages!

Amber M. said...

What a great party! And I love the bobble head football players...