Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend in Review

Well, we've had the last of our relaxing weekends till the end of February.

The craziness started 2 weeks ago when Connor & Troy went up to Lincoln for a special tour of the weight room, locker room and tunnel at Memorial Stadium. It was a reward for selling over $1500 worth of Cub Scout popcorn. They were also able to go to a men's basketball game.

(the only blurry picture from the game)

This past weekend included a crop for me, sleepovers for the boys, and a special Daddy-daughter date for Troy & Genna.

Also came the first basketball games of the season, tumbling for Genna, a hoop shoot contest for the boys and the pinewood derby car workday.

Little tumbler

1st place in age 10 boys, he made 8 out of 15 shots

2nd place in age 12 boys, he made 8 out of 15 and then 3 out of 5 in a shootout

Sunday was ward conference, which was very time consuming for Troy as the bishop. A member of our ward died and so he & I went and made a visit to the funeral home Sunday night. This week I am hoping for a real date, but it probably won't happen. Connor has his birthday party Friday night, Saturday is more tumbling, basketball, & the Kasten's Christmas and then Sunday night we are hosting a party at our house for my BIL who is getting home from Iraq.

Life is certainly not dull around here these days.


Kristi said...

goodness! you weren't kidding about having a busy january! Good luck getting everything done, and enjoying it all along the way. cute SB pages, and I love Genna's tumbling duds. Your boys are great little basketball players! I remember winning a free-throw contest when I was in elementary school... funny.

Amber M. said...

LOVE those scrapbook pages!!

I finally picked up my Hoosier's so awesome. He ahd a bunch of stuff marked down again, but I didn't browse because we need to go back together. He said he'll be open until March 1st, so maybe after we get back from Utah???

Carin said...

Sounds like you have your handsfull but mostly with good things. The kids are getting so big I can't believe it. It seems like just the other day Genna was born. Man I am getting old fast LOL!