Friday, September 26, 2008

Feeling Fallish

Our weather lately has been incredible! I love the cooler mornings and the warm but breezy afternoons! I can hardly believe it is almost the end of September. I have been slowly putting up my Halloween decorations. I figured I would wait till November and put out the fall stuff. I promise next week there will be a peek at my spooky trimmings. I have a few things I'd like to get, one more thing to make and a gift certificate to spend at one of my favorite stores. So, check back next week.

Until then, here are some of my favorite pictures I took last fall.

Ok, and then one more funny thing that I couldn't help but try... Troy and I had a lot of laughs over this tonight.

1972- the year I was born

1990- the year I was graduated. Yep, that hairdo was right on compared to my senior pics.

1970-the year after Troy was born

1988- the year he graduated. Troy's hair was a lot lighter and longer then.

Go here to give it a try.


Lorilee said...

Too funny!! I can't wait to see your fall stuff!

Kristi said...

Those pictures are hillarious! You are both so cute, but the dated hair is too funny. (and yes, the senior hair looks awfully familiar)

I cannot wait to see your Halloween fodder! Seriously, I'm going to be stalking your blog. (like I don't already...)

Your autumn pictures are gorgeous!

Andrea said...

that's so funny.

Amber M. said...

Tee hee.

Freer Family said...

That is hilarious!!!