Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fun Friday Stuff

I have some fun things to share from this fantastic Friday...

I got to spend the day with my dear friend, Amber, first we shopped with my little buddy and ate at Red Robin-yum!

and then we crafted.

This is what we made. Doesn't Amber have the best ideas? You'll have to watch her blog to see what she does with hers.

It was seriously such a wonderful day- thanks so much, Amber!

I can't wait to find homes for these cute little blocks once I put my fall stuff up. Even though I am not ready to say goodbye to the gorgeous weather we are having, I think I am almost psyched up to get my fall decor up. Here are a few thrift store finds, waiting for some spray paint, along with some other fun stuff I found recently.

Tonight after soccer, the kids called us down the street to see some new puppies. They belong to Tipper, a beagle who is constantly roaming the neighborhood. We couldn't eat fast enough for Connor so we could get down there to see them. All my kids would love to have another dog, but Connor asks the most.

Can you blame him for loving these sweet things?

And here is the brother of the one Connor is holding- he has curly hair. As luck would have it, all seven of these heartbreakers are already spoken for.

Jameson and his buddy Aaron are camping out tonight, in the backyard. Well, they are if they don't fall asleep in front of the tv watching Little Rascals.

They giggled their way through the movie and made it out to the tent. Now let's see if they stay there all night.

Genna, Daddy and I watched Flushed Away tonight while the boys were doing their gaming thing.

Hope your Friday was as fabulous as mine!


Lorilee said...

Soo cute!! Did you gals use vinyl on them? Looks like you are having a great weekend!! MISS You!

At Home In Georgia said...

Not fair...wish I could have joined in on your fun Friday! I agree, Amber always has the best ideas! Yes, is that vinyl?

Amber M. said...

It was such a fun day. And it was so nice not to feel too rushed!

Anna snapped a pretty cute picture, if you ask me...

Wanna do it again soon?

Kristi said...

Love how your project turned out. Can't wait to see your house all decked out for Halloween. (did I already tell you that on another post? I'm having deja vu. lol)

Freer Family said...

Love the blocks and your cute fall-ish decor!