Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Valentine's Day Diversions

February 14th, was a gorgeous day here in Syracuse, Nebraska. Genna and I went to the school and helped run Connor's 2nd Grade Class Party. It was a little wild & crazy at times, but I think the kids had fun and I am happy to check another thing off my list to do. After school it was about 65 degrees and so we went outside and played for a while- we just couldn't resist the warm weather.
I then worked on getting dinner ready for our special Valentine's Dinner. The downstairs was off limits for the kids until they were called for dinner. Their hostess(me) seated them in our downstairs dining room and we all enjoyed parmesan chicken, parmesan oven sweet potato fries, salad and rolls. For a treat, I made the aforementioned dirt cup dessert in my fun parfait dishes. We then opened our valentine presents from each other and then played charades. We had a fun time giggling and just being together. After we got the kids to bed, Troy and I watched the movie Fever Pitch- which was a cute show! It was a very sweet day.


Holly said...

You're such a cute mom, Kristi!

April said...

I thought I'd already responded here - you have got the cutest family & your Valentine's dinner sounded yummy.